Pakistani intelligence agency (FIA) buys Israeli mobile phone hacking technology: Israeli newspaper

An Israeli newspaper claims that Pakistan's intelligence agency has bought Israeli technology to hack mobile phones.

The tools, sold to Singapore by an Israeli cyber technology firm are used by the FIA ​​and the police. The Israeli newspaper reported.

The report states that the FIA ​​and the police have been using the Israeli cyber technology firm products since 2012.

FIA Buys Israeli Mobile Phone Hacking Technology

The report also states that according to international shipment records, Israeli firm Celebrate Asia Pacific sold its products to Pakistani companies and FIA till 2019.

In 2012, Sindh Police acquired UFED Touch Ultimate devices from the Israeli firm Celebrate.

The Israeli firm's clients include China Belarus, , Uganda,Indonesia Venezuela the Philippines, Russia, Ethiopia and Bangladesh, the Israeli newspaper reported.

Israeli firm Celebrate Asia Pacific responding to an Israeli newspaper report. Also said the company does not sell directly or indirectly to Pakistan.

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Israeli firm Celebrate has refused to explain its relationship with Singapore shipment certificates for Pakistan and Pakistani government tenders.

The Israeli cybertechnology firm says the company only sells its devices to security forces and police departments.

The Israeli Defense Ministry declined to comment on the report.