What is Ambergris?

Why Ambergris is considered to be the most expensive perfume in the world.

When a sperm whale eats a catfish, octopus or other marine animal. Its digestive system produces a special type of fluid to prevent the sharp prongs, and teeth of the prey from damaging the whale's body.

Sperm whale then expels this unwanted chemical from its body through vomiting. According to some researchers sperm whales also excrete amber through their feces. This is the reason why the pointy parts of the bodies of sea creatures that prey on whales are also found in its excrement. This substance from the whale's body floats on the surface of the sea.

Why Ambergris is considered Most Expensive Perfume in World

Amber is formed after mixing with sunlight and sea salt, Abner is very useful for making aromatics.

Amber is a black white and gray oily substance. It is oval or round in shape. It takes this form while floating in the sea.

Ambergris is considered to be the most expensive perfume in the world. A few grams of which cost millions and millions of rupees. It is a solid waxy and flammable substance.

It originates in the integration of the wheel system. When the whale stomach is full of it it vomits it up.

According to experts the excrement or amber from the whale body is initially foul smelling. But as its contact with air increases. Its odor changes to a sweet scent. The amber prevents the scent from drifting into the air. In a way it also acts as a stabilizer so that the smell does not dissolve in the air.

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Amber is rare and hence its price is very high. It is also known as sea sauna or floating sauna. It has become more expensive than gold in the market. In the international market. It can fetch up to Rs.1.5 crore per kg.

Ambergris has-been replaced by artificial amber vixend over time. But still the demand for this Ambergris is very high.

Why is this stone worth so much?

In the perfume industry the stone called Amber Gris is considered highly valuable due to its properties.

However experts also say that only one to five percent of sperm whales produce it. Adding to its value.

In ancient times the stone was used in religious ceremonies and in the Middle East as an aphrodisiac. In China as a special food or as an ingredient in traditional medicine. And today it is mostly used in the perfume industry. is used.

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Dom DeVita, founder of British perfume company Shay and  Blue told report Mundo in 2015 that amber grass has a distinctive scent.

He more said that its smell is intense, sweet  animalistic. It adds something new to the fragrance that makes it sensual and this quality is hard to achieve in any fragrance.'

It also helps any perfume to last longer on the skin. But like every fragrance, not everyone likes it.

Due to the size and weight of the stone found in the La Palma sperm whale. It is estimated that it could be worth more than five million United States dollars.