We will not rebel against humans the robots assure

A conference called AI for Good was held in Geneva in which nine humanoid robots participated.

GENEVA: Robots presented at a forum on artificial intelligence have given assurances that they will not rebel against humans or take their jobs.

The world's first press conference involving humans and robots was held in Geneva on Friday.

Nine humanoid robots participated in this conference called AI for Good. At the conference. Organizers made the case for artificial intelligence and the robots it creates to help solve big world problems like hunger and disease.

Grace, a medical robot dressed in a blue nurse's uniform told the conference that she the robot will work with humans to provide support and will not replace a human.

We will not rebel against humans: Robots assure

Ben Goertzel of Singularity Net (creator of Grace) asked Grace if she could say this with confidence. To which Grace replied yes.

announced to bring an alternative program to Chat GPT.

Amica, a facial expression robot, said robots like hers could be used to improve people's lives and help make the world a better place.