Indian Extremist group gives 72 hours ultimatum to Seema Rind

We will not tolerate a woman from a traitorous nation President Gao Raksha Dal.

A group of extremist Hindus in India Gau Raksha Hindu Dal has threatened to protest until the Pakistani woman Seema Hyder Rand. Who went to India after falling in love on PUBG is deported.

According to India Today: The Gau Raksha Hindu Dal has given Seema Rind a 72hour deadline to leave India.

The group president: Ved Nagar said in a video statement that Seema Rind could be a spy for Pakistan, potentially posing a threat to national security.

Ved Nagar said that we will not tolerate a woman from a traitorous nation. If Seema Haider does not leave the country in 72 hours, they will start a protest.

Seema while talking to India Today denied the allegations of being a spy and said that there is no such thing, the truth will come out eventually. If this were true, I would not have come to India alone, not with my innocent children.

Seema Ghulam Hyder Rind, 30, and Sachin Meena 25 developed a romantic relationship in 2019 while chatting on PubG.

Earlier this year Seema entered India illegally through Nepal and the couple started living together in a rented flat with four children in Rabupora, Greater Noida area.

Seema was detained on July 4, 2023 for unauthorized entry into India without a visa through Nepal.

Sachin was also arrested for helping Seema. However, both were later released on bail.

On the other hand: Seema Hayder husband Ghulam Haider in Pakistan requested the Indian government to bring back his wife and children.

In a video he claimed that his wife was lured and tricked into going to India by PUBG.

On the contrary, Seema friends and relatives have expressed their wish not to return to Pakistan.

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According to India Today, the 16-year-old son of Seema's landlord in Pakistan said, "She should just send her children back to Pakistan." He himself stayed there. Now she is not even a Muslim.