Imran Khan team contacted me several times after Imran Khan joined Tik Tok and after criticism. Jannat Mirza who has the most followers also spoke.

Lahore: (Monitoring Desk) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI Chairman Imran Khan has recently created an account on the video sharing. Platform Tik Tok where he is being followed by a large number of fans. Jannat Mirza is currently the most followed TikToker in Pakistan. As the number of followers of Imran Khan increased rapidly. PTI supporters started warning Jannat Mirza that she is now going to go to number two because soon Imran Khan followers will surpass her.

While giving an interview to Hasan Chaudhry. Jannat Mirza reacted to Imran Khan's fans comparing him with Imran Khan and also said that I may have the same number of followers as Imran Khan or it may be that I have more than him.

According to Daily Pakistan Global in response to this criticism of PTI supporters. Through a story on his Instagram account. Jannat Mirza has said that during the interview. He had said that thing out of thin air and it was not his intention that he is more popular than Imran Khan and his followers are more than Imran Khan.

Jannat Mirza writes in the story that All my followers here know that I myself am a supporter of Imran Khan and in every difficult time when Imran Khan needed his supporters, I have stood by him. There were many occasions when everyone on social media became silent and only I posted in favor of Imran Khan without fear. I think people need an excuse to make fun of someone or defame someone. 

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Tik Tokkar writes that When everyone became silent in fear and only I was speaking in favor of Imran Khan then Imran Khan's team contacted me many times. He thanked me and my followers for raising voice for Imran Khan. I have always been a fan of Imran Khan. There are some ridiculous people whose job it is to spread hate. At home, among relatives and now even on social media. I think these people are mentally disturbed people who get pleasure from spreading negativity. So I decided to ignore such people and focus only on the people who love us and support us.