How to make Peshawar Chapli Kebab Pathan? 

Learn how to make them and how to keep them from falling apart as told by Peshawar chefs.

A Barbeque party season is on and everyone is busy barbecuing. Someone is making Chapli Kebab while someone is getting the Peshawari flavors from the sacrificial meat. Peshawar cuisine is known to you. The people there are the most advanced in the delicacy and rich flavor of the food. How to make Peshawar special Chapli Kebab at home?

How to make Peshawar Chapli Kebab Pathan

How to make Chapli Kebab:

First of all put the meat in the mincing machine and prepare the mincemeat and then add 2 onions. 5 to 7 green chillies and a little green coriander and grind it in the machine as well. After that. In the minced meat, add one spoon of proven red pepper one spoon of chopped red pepper. Half a spoon of cumin powder 1 spoon of hot spice powder a pinch of turmeric. Salt to taste, proven coriander powder, 1 spoon of pomegranate seeds. One cup of corn. Mix the flour well. Now make its tikis and keep it open for a while. Now fry them in oil and serve.

If the kebab remains raw in the middle or starts to break while frying:

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After frying most of the people kebabs are left raw or they are not fried properly in the middle and sometimes the kebabs break. Then place an ice cube in the middle so that the kebabs will not break and will also become crispy.

Apart from meat what is added in Peshawari Chapli Kebab that we often throw away?

The fat from the sacrificial meat is often thrown away by people. while the same fat is used in these flavorful Peshawari Chapli Kebabs, which makes them tasty.