This Gemini called Gemini: Could become the world's most powerful artificial intelligence program experts say.

Google  Technology Company the world's largest search engine. Has announced to bring an alternative program to Chat GPT. If this program is not better than Chat GPT its alternative can definitely be proved.

According to foreign media reports Google Deep MindLaboratory has named this AI system, Gemini which will be developed by the company's artificial intelligence program AlphaGo. It will eventually be replaced by the Language Learning Model (LLM).

AlphaGo Google Announces Chat GPT Alternative Program

According to reports: The specialty of Alpha Go is that it works, on the effective technique of reinforcement learning. In which the software learns from its own mistakes. AI learns from all kinds of mistakes and makes better decisions.

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On the other hand experts say that if the generative AI that collects information from the Internet. Is re-formatted to include natural sounding text, Gemini can become the world most powerful artificial intelligence program.

In this regard DeepMind co founder Damis Hessibi has also said that Gemini has the potential to become the most important technology to help humanity.

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According to reports, Google Lab is working on it day and night, which will incur extraordinary cost. Before that Google has created its own powerful chatbot which is being used by the name of Bard.