Possible to earn money on less views In YouTube.

Earning money from YouTube is now even easier. YouTube has released a new monetization policy.

Now 4000 subscribers or thousands of hours of views are no longer needed to make money on YouTube. After the relaxation under the new policy of YouTube Partner Program. monetization can now start only at 500 subscribers and after certain hours of video viewing.

Under the second change, it is not necessary that people watch your video for 4000 hours in a certain time, only then you will get money, but it has been reduced to 3000 hours.

After this important announcement, creators of quality and useful videos on YouTube will be able to earn money quickly by coming to the monetization list. YouTube has officially announced a couple of days ago that the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) has been relaxed.

YouTube Released New Monetization Policy

Similarly: receiving tips channel membership, shopping. And paid chat options have also been simplified for users with less followers. Similarly. the views of short videos have been reduced from 1 crore to only 3 million which is the biggest change. This clearly means that YouTube wants to promote short videos.

A few days ago Tik Tok also announced easing of critimonetization and new convenience features. YouTube may have reacted to this.

California: Video streaming website YouTube can now be monetized with fewer subscribers as YouTube eases monetization policy requirements.

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According to sources: video sharing website YouTube has changed its terms and conditions to make it easier for users to generate revenue. YouTube is lowering the requirements for creators to access monetization tools under its YouTube Partner Program.

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Google owned company  also said that the new requirements to qualify for the partner program are: a user must have 5 hundred subscribers on their YouTube channel. Three public videos posted in the last 90 days. and one long form video within a year. But watch time of 3000 or 30000 hours on short videos.

Users who meet these requirements can apply to be part of the YouTube Partner Program. which offers various revenue-generating features such as Super Thanks. Super Chat, Super Stickers and channel subscriptions, the company said. As well, users can access the ability to promote their merchandise in YouTube Shopping.

According to sources, YouTube has initially relaxed the YouTube Partner Program requirements for users in the 

United States

United Kingdom



South Korea

However, the company says that users from other countries will also be included in this program in the near future.

It should be noted that earlier. To be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program, a user's YouTube channel had to have 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube video or 100 million watch time on short videos.