Karachi: Reduction in the intensity of Bapar Joy 60 thousand people are feared to be affected in Sindh.

The storm called Bipar Joy has now turned into a cyclone and according to the Chief Minister of Sindh. There is a fear that about 60 thousand people will be affected by this storm. The process of transfer of persons is going on.

There has been some reduction in the intensity of the cyclone called Bapar Joy in the Arabian Sea, but its direction is still towards the coastal areas of Pakistan and India.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department. This cyclone is located about 450 km from Karachi and 440 km from Thatta on Tuesday evening.

The storm's center currently has sustained winds of 170 kilometers per hour. And is causing 35 to 40-foot sea waves.

The Sindh government has started evacuation of people from the coastal areas of Keti Bandar, Thatta and Badin, while Section 144 has also been imposed in the coastal areas of Karachi.

Storm called Bipar Joy Has Now Turned Into A Cyclone

Instructions to ensure strict implementation of section 144 on the beach in Karachi.

After the forecast of heavy rains due to Cyclone Buparjoy in Karachi, all the field commanders have been ordered to stay in their areas while canceling the leave of police officers in the city.

In a press release issued by the police. It is said that the Karachi police have been instructed to ensure strict implementation of Section 144 on the beach. While the Additional IG Karachi has asked the police to stay in touch with the city administration. The order has also been given to ensure timely assistance to the public.

Police have also asked the public to stay away from power lines, poles trees and signboards and avoid unnecessary travel in heavy rain.

Rain Havy Urban flooding alert issued for Karachi  and Hyderabad

Police officials say that in case of any emergency, the public should immediately contact Police Helper 15 and 1915 for traffic information and guidance.

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Buparjoy: Governor House helpline 1366 will be active round the clock

Sindh Governor Kamran Tesuri has said that in view of storm Baparjoy, the possible conditions are being prepared and emergency measures are being ensured in Karachi in view of torrential rains.

Addressing the press conference on Tuesday, he said that 10,000 ration bags will be distributed among the victims of the coastal belt, while one month's ration will be given to the victims from Governor House.

Kamran Tesuri said that the helpline 1366 of the Governor House will be active round the clock and those who are in trouble should contact the helpline.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the intensity of Cyclone Bipar Joy has decreased slightly, but it will hit an area of ​​150 km between Keti Bandar and the Indian state of Gujarat. The Meteorological Department has declared six districts of Sindh as sensitive.

Speaking to the British News Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz said that the storm had changed from Extreme Swear (extremely severe) to Swear (severe) while its speed had decreased somewhat.

At present this storm is located 450 km south of Karachi. Which is moving towards the north. From Wednesday. It will take a north-easterly direction. On June 15 i.e. around noon on Thursday. Katy will make landfall in a range of 150 km between Bandar and Gujarat. So it seems that it will maintain the soar situation.

According to Sardar Sarfraz there will be stormy and heavy rain especially in Thatta. Sajawal and Badin and this rain will spread to Tharparkar, Umarkot and Mirpurkhas. These six districts of Sindh are currently sensitive. Low-lying areas of the coastline may be affected because of high winds and high sea waves

On the situation in Karachi, he said that there is a possibility of mud storm and moderate rain.