Egypt: Shark swallows swimming man in video surfaced.

In Egypt's Red Sea: A Tiger shark attacked and swallowed a man while swimming. There are also reports of two people being injured in the shark attack.

In a video shared on social media. A tiger shark can be seen attacking a tourist. After the first shark attack. The tourist tries to swim to the shore, but the shark makes a second attack and swallows him.

It can be seen in the video that a boat is standing nearby while a boat comes close to save the tourist but by then the shark has swallowed it whole.

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In this regard, foreign media said that the shark attacked the group of tourists and tried to swallow the tourist. The age of the deceased person is 24 years. A part of the body has been recovered from the sea while the remains are being searched.

The Ministry of Environment, Egypt, while presenting the details, said that the tourist was attacked by a tiger shark, which has now been captured.