Indian Actor Naseeruddin Shah whose language Sindhi and Marathi speakers could not escape even Dilip Kumar.

Mr Naseeruddin Shah is one of the most experienced actors, of the Indian film industry so far but he has-been surrounded by controversies.

He has been at the center of controversies in the past due to his outspoken comments. Neither Dilip Kumar nor India 1st superstar Rajesh Khanna or fellow actor Anupam Kher could escape from his arrow.

Naseeruddin Shah never shied away from speaking his mind. Even if it was against anyone and he was also known to stick to his word.

But recently he has apologized for a controversial statement he made on the Sindhi language, for which many Pakistanis have praised him. On the other hand, he is also facing criticism for connecting Marathi language with Persian in India.

Naseeruddin Shah whose language Sindhi and Marathi speakers

Naseeruddin Shah apologized for what?

In fact, Naseeruddin Shah has been criticized a lot for a recent interview in which he said that Sindhi language is no longer spoken in Pakistan.

Soon after the actor issued an apology on Facebook, calling it a mistake and misstatement' on his part.

After his confession: Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui shared this post on Twitter and praised Naseeruddin Shah and wrote that Apologizing for a mistake is a reflection of a person's character and his intelligence. Naseer Sahib recent confession has made me even more loyal to him.

It takes courage and resilience to admit your mistakes and take responsibility for them.

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Naseeruddin Shah wrote on Facebook I am sorry to all the Sindhi speakers of Pakistan whom I have caused great pain with my wrong opinion. I admit that my information was wrong, but is it necessary to impeach me for that?

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He said that after many years of being wrongly thought of as an intelligent person I am enjoying being called ignorant and 'fake intellectual'. This is a big change!