Misbehavior with the passenger at Karachi airport the flight was also missed.

Karachi (Immat News Report) Incidents of mistreatment of passengers have increased at Jinnah International Airport. Another incident of mistreatment of a passenger by ASF personnel has come to light.

The incident took place at the International Departure Lounge of Karachi Airport where fish and prawns were found in the luggage of a departing passenger.


The ASF personnel retaliated over the quantity of 'seafood' and the matter escalated into a heated argument, while the passenger's flight was also missed during the same discussion. Later, the customs officials made the passenger sit down and after a fine of 8 thousand rupees, the passenger was released.

Misbehavior with Passenger Karachi Airport Flight also Missed

It should be noted that DG Civil Aviation had mentioned the behavior of ASF and other institutions in the Senate Standing Committee.