Is a degree necessary before entering any field?

In 2013 when my friends were about to complete their degrees. I was running my company also says Farhan  who is associated with the IT sector.

After completing my intermediate education in 2007. I decided to start my own IT business and learn the skills. And did not pursue a degree after that. If I had fallen behind in getting my degree. I probably wouldn't be able to run my business today.

This is the statement of Syed Farhan Raza from Swabi district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK. who is successfully running. His own company in the field of information technology and also provides services to firms in other countries including the United States.

Is Degree Necessary Before Entering Any Field

Mr Farhan has studied only up to Inter, he didn't get a bachelors or masters degree and he doesn't regret it.

The purpose of Independent Urdu's interview with Farhan was that a company called Kegel in the UK has removed the requirement of a degree for a job and now for a job in a Kegel company, one is not asked for a degree but for skills and work experience. will

FSC Pre Engineering:

Speaking to Urdu read: Mr Farhan said that after studying up to Inter, I joined the IT sector. I had up to 60% marks in FSC Pre-Engineering and if I had applied for admission to any university at that time. With such low marks I would not have got admission in good universities.

I wanted to run my own business and the skills required to work in business or IT are not in the books. He more said. Since 2007. I've never felt like I didn't have a degree. So my work was lacking.

Says Farhan: In 2013, when my friends were about to complete their degrees. I had built a regular business and was running my own company. I have achieved most of the goals that I had. But there are some that have not yet been achieved, and efforts are on to achieve them.

Now I am running a successful business and trying to build a big company. Talking about money, if I had done Masters or Bachelors degree. I would not have been able to earn as much as I am earning now in terms of money.

When Farhan was asked if a degree is necessary for a job. He replied that Kegel's removal of degree requirement is not new to me but companies in most countries have removed the requirement of degree. Is.

However Mr Farhan said that especially if we talk about the IT sector, the degree requirement in this sector has-been almost eliminated for a long time. But there are certain jobs in every sector for which a degree requirement is mandatory.

He said that: For some fields, a degree is very important, such as medicine or engineering. In these fields, not only a degree is necessary, but its verification is also very important. However, for some fields such as business, IT and these types of jobs, a degree is rarely asked.

Mr Farhan believes that every field that has a syllabus and renewal in this field is not so much. Then the condition of degree should be kept for it, except in the fields that are developing day by day. And the need for a degree is less. If it is going on, then the condition of the degree should be removed.

Some experts believe that a degree is necessary in most fields because it is the degree that provides the necessary training before entering any job.

Prof. Irfan Ashraf is a teacher in the Department of Journalism. University of Peshawar and has received his PhD degree from Illinois University, USA.

Dr. Irfan Ashraf said that a degree is necessary for any field, so before entering a field, the related degree courses are designed to meet the requirements of that field.

He said: Take the field of journalism as an example. Skills-oriented courses, ethics and practices are taught for a journalism degree and that's why today's YouTubers pick up the mic and create content without a degree. There are a lot of problems because it doesn't take into account ethics and other essentials, and these are the things that are taught in the university before you get a degree.

Irfan Ashraf said that I think removing the degree requirement to work in any field is a temporary change. Just like today it is said about artificial intelligence that artificial intelligence will replace humans but it is not possible. Is.

Irfan Ashraf said: Universities not only emphasize on skills. But also teach various other courses before getting a degree which are necessary to do well in any field.