How to use Chat GPT for free is chat better than Google ?

The GPT is designed to chat with users and answer their questions in detail.

Artificial intelligence has opened the doors of unprecedented revolution in the world in terms of technology. One of the most used applications in recent times is Chat GPT.

This app was launched on 30 November 2022 by Open AI company. Its main goal is to provide users with the information they need. Away from traditional 'search engines'. In this regard. An informative article published in the Arabic magazine Sedati is being presented.

How does Chat GPT work?

It is a kind of robot developed using artificial intelligence technology. This program provides answers to users queries in different languages ​​within seconds.

Chat GPT has made many fields easier. With its hel. Students can solve their mathematics and physics problems immediately.

Apart from this: Whether writing dialogues or essays for novel writing or coding for designing a website can be solved in seconds through ChatGPT.

GPT is designed to chat with users and provide detailed answers to their questions even as it saves programmed chats.

How To Use Chat GPT For Free Better than Google

How to Register in Chat GPT

  • Chat After logging in to the GPT website click Chat.
  • There is a facility to register or create a new account on Homepatch.

  • . To create an account, feed the required information including names, address, email and password.

  • . After account confirmatio user account will be activated.

The OpenAI company has initially launched the experimental version for free, however, there is a monthly fee for the advanced version, which has many features that are not available in the free version.

Chat GPT is a type of robot developed using artificial intelligence technology.

The company has estimated ChatGPT's financial valuation at $29 billion. However Google has also entered the field and has emerged as a major competitor.

As soon as this program was launched. 1 crore people have created an account on it in the first month. It is said that this new app can slow down students as it can make them do all the research work and other tasks instantly.

What help can be taken from GPT?

  •  Expert advice can be obtained.

  • Expert translation facility.
  • Answers to questions related to physics, chemistry and other sciences.
  • Direct answers to various types of questions.
  • Writing and validation of program codes.

  • Chat facility for fun.
  •  Discussion on various issues.Access to information on a wide range of topics.

Is Chat better than Google?

The answer that the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT gives to your question is not necessarily completely correct.

On the contrary Google also provides links to various websites as reference to the answer and information about the sources of relevant information obtained.

It is also not right to blindly trust the answers you get from Chat GPT. You should also research the answers you get so that there is no chance of mistakes. Conversely. Google also codes the various sources from which it has obtained the answer to the relevant query.