YouTuber arrested Trevor Jacob for destroying plane for few views 20 years imprisonment possible.

A American YouTuber jumped from a plane using a parachute and uploaded a video in YouTube of the plane crash.

The US YouTuber uploaded the video of the plane falling to the ground.

Report sources From Geo tv Pakistan. Reported Writer @Saleem khan. A USA YouTuber who uploaded a video of his own plane being destroyed to increase followers and views on his YouTube channel has been arrested in the United State and faces up to 20 years in prison.

According to the American broadcaster. 29 years old YouTuber pilot Mr Trevor Jacob flew his plane, in California and filmed for the YouTube channel. Meanwhile he jumped out of the plane by parachute and let the plane fall to the ground.

YouTuber Trevor Jacob Arrested for destroying plane
YouTuber Trevor Jacob Arrested for destroying plane photo YouTube.

The plane crashed on the ground & uploaded the video of the entire dangerous scene on his YouTube channel. The video was watched by almost Three million people and the number of followers grew exponentially.

YouTuber Jacob made the video in a very dramatic way. At 1st they seem upset that they have run out of water and are very thirsty. They do not understand what to do. After jumping from the plane. They stop by a river and start drinking water.

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At the same time: A car is seen from which they take a lift and leave for home. Two weeks later. When the YouTuber realized the move might be heavy. He hid the plane remains in a forest.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration has arrested YouTuber Mr Jacob and revoked his pilot license for intentionally destroying his plane and increasing the likelihood of a major accident.

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The YouTuber is currently out on bail but faces a 20 years prison sentence for the crime.