YouTube Company has released  now a new advertising policy

30 second commercials will-be added to the content being watched on TV. Which will not be skippable.

YouTube: the world leading video sharing website has released a new ad policy. Which will make it difficult for TV PreTube users. As YouTube will allow 30 second ads in content viewed on TV. are being added. Which cannot be carried forward.

According to foreign media reports: YouTube has said that viewers will watch one 30-second ad instead of 02 consecutive 15 second ads. But this does not mean that short term ads will be permanently eliminated.

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YouTube has reportedly said that the 30 second ads will be available to advertisers through the YouTube Select platform. A platform that targets the top five percent of YouTube content. 70% of YouTube select impressions come from TV. Making it an ideal platform for long form ads.

According to media reports, YouTube CEO Neil Mohan also said during the Brandcast event that the number of people watching YouTube on the big screen in their homes is increasing.