Indian YouTuber Auguste Chauhan died in motorcycle accident

A famous Indian YouTuber Auguste Chauhan died in a motorcycle accident.

 Auguste Chauhan Indian YouTuber lost his life in a motorcycle Bike accident.

Mr Auguste a popular Indian YouTuber with 1.2 million subscribers who recorded videos of speeding cars and Motorcycle for a few likes and views. Died in a Bike accident.

According to Indian media Tv reports: Youtuber Mr Auguste Chauhan had a fatal accident while he was traveling from indian Agra to Delhi via Yamuna Expressway. The accident occurred due to speeding.

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The YouTuber was trying to travel at a speed of 300 kilometers in per hour on the havy superbike and was also busy recording a video for his YouTube channel when the accident happened.

Indian YouTuber Auguste Chauhan died in motorcycle accident

According to reports: The Indian YouTuber Auguste Chauhan lost control of the speeding bike. The YouTuber's helmet also shattered as a result of the accident, causing his death due to head injuries.

The news of the YouTuber death spread like wildfire on social media in a matter of moments. With his followers grieving and advising each other to stay calm at a rapid pace.

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