Escaped tigers caught from circus in Sheikhupura: Police

Lucky Irani Circus Escaped tigers caught from circus in Sheikhupura Punjab: Police

Sheikhupura police. The cage of the circus lions, was overturned due to the strong wind that blew last night and the lions ran away from the cage.

The tiger that escaped from the Lucky Irani Circus in Sheikhupura on Wednesday night was caught by the circus staff. And the rescue service. There are conflicting reports regarding the number of tigers.

According to the Sheikhupura Punjab police the cage. of the circus lions was overturned & four lions ran away from the cage due to the strong wind last night.

According to the information given by the police, 4 tigers escaped from the spot. Three of them were surrounded by the circus employees while 01 tiger entered the house of Highway Colony.

Escaped tigers caught from circus in Sheikhupura: Police

According to the police:

A heavy police force including DSP and rescue personnel reached the spot to catch this one tiger and after two hours of continuous struggle. The tiger was caught from there through a net.

However Sheikhupura journalist Mohammad Shahid Khan. Who was also covering the incident. told News Agancy that eyewitnesses and circus employees at the scene told him that the lions were brought to the circus and escaped from the cage opening. The number was not four but 6.

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According to eyewitnesses, the circus and the district administration understated the number as both were mistaken.

According to Shahid Khan: Despite Section 144 in the area. Lucky Irani Circus and the district administration ignored it and allowed the circus to be set up in the area.

News Agancy tried to contact Deputy Commissioner of Sheikhupura Sarmad Taimur several times in this regard. But no response was received from him till the time of publication.

According to Shahid. 5 tigers were surrounded by the circus management and rescue service teams at the same time & captured unconscious while one tiger managed to escape and was later caught from the highway colony.

05 tigers had moved into a basement near the circus site.where they were captured.

A tiger captured from Highway Colony had also attacked & injured its trainer.

Mr Shahid Khan said that the release of lions like this could have caused a major accident. But due to strong wind and storm. It was saved because there was no pedestrian traffic on the roads.

According to a local journalist. Sheikhupura police and rescue teams took immediate action after the tiger cage was opened and reached the spot and provided full assistance in catching the tigers.

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