Consideration of Schengen style visas in Gulf countries

GCC member countries include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatarand Oman.

The Gulf Cooperation Council GCC member states are reviewing plans to issue regional EU Schengen style e-visas for tourists.

This move is expected to further boost economic growth.

According to Al Arabiya Urdu: In a panel discussion at the Arab Travel Market (ATM) held in UAE. United Arab Emirates the Minister of Tourism of Bahrain. Fatima Al-Sirafi said Our countries are considering how to create a common and unique tourism destination. A visa can be issued.

It could be very soon because we see that people moving to Europe from abroad usually spend their time in several countries rather than one country. He also said. We really saw the value it can bring not to each country but to all of us.

Consideration of Schengen style visas in Gulf countries

Mr Fahad Hameeduddin Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Saudi Arabia Tourism Authority. explained in the panel that if a common visa system is adopted. Travelers in the future can visit multiple countries in the region instead of just 1 country. And I believe that Tomorrow commuters will always look at different stops routes and areas.

Every year on the 1st day of Zul Hajj the cover of the Kaaba is changed.

Me Abdullah Al Saleh Under Secretary of the UAE Ministry of Economy. He Said that the entire Gulf region would benefit from comprehensive regulations. Policies and procedures to facilitate development.

He added that GCC countries believe that if they provide a good experience for visitors to the region especially long distance visitors. More visitors will visit one country rather than another in the region. There will be a tour program to more countries.

According to Al-Saleh: Visitors will be more than happy to visit multiple countries without restrictions. Facilitate cross border travel and arrange a package tour to various GCC countries.

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GCC member countries include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

The Arabian Travel Market is the Global leading. International travel and tourism event that expands business opportunities for tourism professionals in and out of the Middle East.

Tourist destinations from around the world exhibit at the show with their brands and exhibits along. With big names in accommodation and hospitality. Popular tourist destinations and attractions innovative travel technology providers and airlines.

Visa sticker expired.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Country has announced the introduction of electronic visas in place of visa stickers in 7 countries.

The ministry more said in a statement on Thursday that the new initiative of using e-visa with QR code has come into effect from May 1 in diplomatic missions of the Kingdom in UAE, Jordan, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippines .

It added that the initiative is part of efforts to automate the process of obtaining visas. And improve the quality of consular services provided by the ministry. As well as to develop mechanisms for issuing work residence and tourist or visit visas. is part.

The Saudi Arabia has recently introduced changes to visa procedures and relaxed visa rules. attracting more tourists and foreign businesses to the kingdom.

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