Wasim Akram and his wife Shanira Akram are also acting in Money Back Guarantee film

Former cricketer Wasim Akram has eaten everyone in the world of sports. Now he will eat everyone in the world of acting: Fawad Khan

Mr Wasim Akram and his wife Shanira Akram are also acting in this film.

Wasim Akram is also a good actor. I think he has eaten every 1 in the global of sports. Now he will eat everyone in the world of acting.

This was said by actor Mr Fawad Khan who is working with former cricketer Wasim Akram in his new film.

Maker Fawad Khan new movie Money Back Guarantee is going to release soon. Which according to him is a satirical movie on the subject of politics.

Apart from Mr Waseem Akram, Afzal Khan Rambo, Javed Sheikh, Mani and Ali Safina, Mikal Ismail, will also be seen doing comedy in this film.

Waseem Akram Acting in Film Money Back Guarantee

Along with Wasim Akram his wife Shanira Akram will also be seen in this film.

Me Fawad Khan says that the film is very different from the scenes shown in the trailer & this has-been done only to surprise the audience.

This is cricketer Wasim Akram debut film and his fans are  excited for it.

Regarding acting in the film he said that I know Wasim Akram personally. He is a very good person but has seen the essence of acting for the 1st time.

Fawad Khan also said that he has done the best work. People will enjoy.

He told Azara Tafnan that he feels that Mr Wasim Akram will now take away his work from the actors.

Now the story is bigger than the actor

Fawad Khan more said that I think that with the passage of time. The story has become bigger than the actor. And now the real star is the story or the script.

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He also said that he is a fan of Tom Cruise.

Fawad more said that : I have heard that no film of Tom Cruise has failed. However sometimes some films of some actors do not play. But I have liked them.

Mr Wasim Akram and his wife Shanira Akram are also acting in this film.

He said that the science of box office does not really do justice to people work.

Does not prepare for roles.

Mr Fawad Khan also says that the real power lies in speaking the truth. But it takes a lot of courage.

Fawad plays both serious & comical roles so how does he prepare himself for it. On this question he more said that sometimes he prepares by saying a dialogue in front of the mirror. But most of the time he lets it be a surprise.

A role that you do not do with integrity is not fun but if you do it with integrity. There is no better award than that.

Fawad Khan further also said that an actor biggest audience is his own. Every actor at one time or another must say about his work that the work he has done is the best.

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Regarding acting: Mr Fawad Khan said that this profession takes you around the world and familiarizes you with different cultures. So it is also a learning process.

He said about working in India that it was a memorable time & thanked his Indian fans for always appreciating his work.

Report Sources: Geo tv Reporters saleem khan Karachi Pakistan.