Pakistanis from Khartoum were transferred to Port Sudan

 Another 211 Pakistanis citizens from Khartoum were transferred to Port Sudan: Foreign Office

According to Foreign Minister Mr Bilawal Bhutto the total number of Pakistanis who arrived at Port Sudan has reached 711.

Pakistan foreign office also said on Wednesday that another 211 of the Pakistanis stranded in Sudan were brought to Port Sudan from Khartoum city.

The Foreign Office issued a statement by Federal Foreign Minister Bilawal Zadari in which it was stated that the total number of Pakistanis who arrived in Port Sudan has reached 700.

Foreign Office more said that the 1st convoy of 500 Pakistanis has been delivered from Khartoum to Port Sudan while today. Wednesday 211 Pakistanis were delivered in the second convoy.

Pakistani Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari added in his statement that the team of Pakistani Ambassador Mir Behrouz Regi in Khartoum. And Port Sudan is working day & night to evacuate Pakistani citizens from Sudan.

Pakistanis from Khartoum were transferred to Port Sudan
Pakistanis from Khartoum were transferred to Port Sudan (AFP)

He moresaid that in this regard we are in touch with our friendly countries. Especially Saudi Arabia to help in this process.

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According to the Foreign Office. These people will be taken by sea from Port Sudan to Jeddah from where they will return home with the support of PIA Pakistan International Airlines and Pakistan Air Force.

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According to a statement issued by the PM House of Pakistan on Monday. The plan for the safe return of Pakistani citizens from Sudan has been successful and the project was supervised by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif himself.

The statement further Also said that the plan to return Pakistanis Citizens from Sudan had-been going on for 72 hours.

Clashes in Sudan

Due to the daily intensification of the recent clashes in Sudan  several rescue operations have-been carried out to safely evacuate foreign nationals from the country. These operations have-been carried out by land air and sea means.

The main airport in the capital Khartoum is at the center of these fierce clashes. And is controlled by the paramilitary group RSF.

This is the reason why the evacuation is being diverted to the port of Sudan in the Red Sea. Which is located 850 km from Khartoum.

Meanwhile: many countries have conducted operations to evacuate their citizens from Sudan. Saudi Arabia facilitated the evacuation of 150 people. Including foreign diplomats from Sudan by plane.

In this rescue operation many Pakistanis were also rescued by Saudi Arabia. but their details were not released. Pakistan Federal Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari thanked Saudi Foreign Minister Mr Faisal bin Farhan for rescuing Pakistanis through a phone call.

US and UK Citizens

The United States US and Britain  UK announced on Sunday that they have ensured the return of their diplomats from the country. Italy, Germany and Spain have also stepped up efforts to expel diplomats from Sudan.

It should be noted that the clashes between the country army and paramilitary forces in Sudan over the past week have increased the violence across the country.

The United State embassy in Khartoum is now closed and his tweet said it was not safe for the government to deport US American citizens.

Foreign students in Khartoum from Africa. Asia and the Middle East have repeatedly appealed for help. Meanwhile there are also reports of internet blackouts in Sudan. Which is severely affecting relief efforts.

These clashes have led to heavy bombardment of the capital

 Killing hundreds and injuring thousands. The people of Khartoum are also facing power outages and lack of clean water for food & drink due to the bombing & exchange of fire in these continuous clashes.

Meanwhile: the ceasefire agreements made at various times were completely ignored and the three day break during Eid al Fitr was also ignored.

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