Pakistan Denials Trade With Israel export of certain food items

Denial of  export trade links with Israel decision to probe exports: Pakistan

Pakistan does not recognize Israel and various circles in Pakistan have expressed concern over the trade export of certain food items other to Israel by a Pakistani Jewish citizen & have demanded an investigation.

Islamabad: Pakistan Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that no one has-been given permission to export to Israel & the matter will also be investigated.

Report Source: Geo tv Pakistan, Reported saleem aslam karachi.

Interior Minister Mr Rana Sanaullah response came after a claim by Pakistani born Jew Fisheel Bin Khalid that the first batch of Pakistani food items. Including dry fruits, had been exported to Israeli markets. & some spices are included.

In an interview given to News Agancy Rana Sanaullah said: We will investigate it, but our government has not given permission to anyone to export items to Israel.

He said: It is known that the previous government former Prime Minister Imran Khan had given permission, to someone but there is no such thing in our notice information & inquiry.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has denied the allegations of increasing ties with Israel in the past, but in May last year, in a speech at a rally, he accused the current coalition government of having ties with Israel.

Fishel who hails from the coastal city of Karachi, said in a social media post this week: As a Pakistani I am happy that I have exported Pakistan's first batch of food products to the Israeli market.

However Fishel did not clarify how these items were exported from Pakistan to Israel.

Fishel tweet drew mixed reactions on social media. While many Twitter users strongly opposed the move. There were a few who appreciated it and welcomed Fishel move.

The American Jewish Congress, in its response to the trade between Israel and Pakistan. said that it has increased opportunities for prosperity in the region.

The statement said: This business transaction involved a Pakistani Jewish businessman Faisal bin Khalid from Karachi. the business center of Pakistan & three Israeli businessmen from the cities of Beit al Maqdis & Haifa.

Response to Israeli exports and calls for investigation

The sending of Pakistani food items to the markets of Israel has led to strong reactions from some circles in Pakistan in social media & statements.

Pakistan Ulama Council Chairman & former prime minister adviser on interfaith harmony molana Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi demanded the government to investigate the matter.

He more said: Pakistan does not have any commercial or economic agreement with Israel. So did these goods go directly from Pakistan to Tel Aviv or were they taken to another country from Pakistan & went to Israel from there.

Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi  also said that the facts should be known to the nation. Pakistan has a clear & principled position that no relations with Israel will be established until an independent Palestinian state is established.

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He also said that although this is a private act of an individual. it must be investigated. These goods have gone directly from Pakistan to Israel or from some other country & now the news is being spread in the name of Pakistan.

Mr Mushtaq Ahmed Khan a member of Pakistan upper house i.e. Senate. said in a statement on Twitter that Pakistan has a blunt policy on Palestine. He raised the question that 'can any individual/institution take action against national norms while having a national stand.

Mushtaq Ahmad Khan demanded the government to take strict action on the issue & make the nation aware of the situation.

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