Mobile Installment Plan in All Pakistan Xiaomi and Jazz

 Good news users plan to give mobiles of Xiaomi and Jazz in installments

For Pakistani Citizens Xiaomi and Jazz plan to give mobiles in installments.

Lahore: Chinese mobile phone makers Xiaomi, and Jazz have come up with a unique plan for people in all Pakistan. In view of rising inflation under which they will be given mobile phones in installments.

This joint project of Jazz Xiaomi Company has been announced through websites and social media platforms. The project of both the companies has been named Qast Pay Jaz. Under this users will be able to buy only 01 brand of smart mobile phone in installments.

Since the launch of this project: two the companies have started implementing it and in this regard. They have started giving the Redmi Note 11 to the customers in installments. Users had to pay installments for 06 months to get this mobile phone. If the first phase of this project is successful. There is a possibility of giving the mobile phones of the brands to the users.

Mobile Installment Plan in All Pakistan Xiaomi and Jazz


Details of the plan have-been released on Jazz Qast Pay according to which the smart mobile phones will-be given only to Jazz customers who have-been using the company's Life Network for the past one year.

For the convenience of those who wish to purchase smart mobile phones on installments. Jazz Company has made it possible for users to enter their mobile number on the mobile phone website and get information about their eligibility.

Requerments Term and Condition:

According to media reports: customers will-have to enter into an agreement to acquire the mobile phone. And will-be bound to accept all the terms and conditions given by the company in the agreement requerments. To get the mobile users will have to provide correct personal information  A copy of the CNIC identity card and some cash.

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The mobile phone will-be delivered to the customer a few days after the application is made. While the company reserves the right to increase or decrease the price of the smartphone at any time. If a user does not pay the installment the company will be authorized to block his mobile. Apart from this legal action can also be taken against the user.

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If a customer requests to get the smartphone on installments they will also have to accept the insurance policy. As well as pay a fee to cover them in case the mobile is stolen. could.

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