Airless Puncture Proof Tire General Motors GM EV Vehicle

 No installation hassles and no need to fill Air

The air solving the big problem of car enthusiasts A new type of puncture-proof tire called an airless or non pneumatic tire. Has been tested for the 1st time by General Motors GM on the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle.

According to the website Startup Pakistan. The company believes that airless tires have the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry & provide a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

GM has been working with Michelin on the development of airless tires for several years. These tires are made from a complex array of composite materials & can withstand punctures & other types of damag e that can cause a regular tire to go flat.

Instead of being filled with air. These tires have a series of spokes that support the weight of the vehicle.

According to a press release from General Motors GM test drives were conducted at the Milford Proving Grounds in Michigan. Where the vehicle was driven at various speeds. Including a top speed of 80mph.

Test results show that airless tires provide as smooth and comfortable a ride as conventional tires.

GM and Michelin are now exploring ways to bring airless tires to market. The companies believe these tires can reduce waste and help protect the environment by eliminating the need to dispose of tires.

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Pak Suzuki announced to close the production plant for a week.

Additionally: Airless tires can make driving safer by reducing the risk of blowouts and other types of accidents due to tire damage.

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