What Connection IMF laon and Pakistan Nuclear Program

 Is there any connection between IMF loan & Pakistan nuclear program?

Islamabad: In the midst of months of political instability and a serious economic crisis in Pakistan. Where on the one hand there is a debate about the possible agreement of the (IMF)  International Monetary Fund. Loan program & its delay these speculations have also arisen in recent weeks. It has-been noted that IMF is imposing conditions related to Pakistan nuclear assets.

Report Source: Geo tv Pakistan 20-03-2023  report writer saleem raza Islamabad.

However: Now the IMF has put an end to these speculations & fears. IMF representative for Pakistan Esther Priz Riz has said that there is no truth in the speculations related to Pakistan nuclear program.

He also said that there was no talk about nuclear program in any agreement between international Money Fund IMF and Pakistan. negotiations with Pakistan are only on economic policy.

How did this debate begin?

These speculations started when PPP leader Raza Rabbani wrote a letter to the Pakistani PM on 6 March citing the reasons for delaying the possible deal with the IMF. Relations with China in the region & growing terrorism in the country. Parliament was asked to take into confidence the events & the policy of negotiations with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

What is Connection IMF laon and Pakistan Nuclear Program

What is the government position?

17 On March Prime Minister  Main Shehbaz Sharif said in a statement about this situation that misleading speculations about Pakistan nuclear & missile programs are regrettable because our nuclear program represents the unwavering consensus of the nation.

In his tweet Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif  said that Pakistan nuclear & missile program is completely safe foolproof and without any pressure.

Will this debate end after the IMF denial?

While speculations and debates related to Pakistani nuclear assets were linked to the integrity of the country. The political circles in the country also did not miss any opportunity to score points in this regard.

In these circumstances after the rejection of any such conditions by the IMF will this debate end now?

Urdu report IMF laon and Pakistan Nuclear Program

Maliha Lodhi: Pakistan former ambassador to the United State says that there was no truth in these speculations & discussions from the beginning & serious circles of Pakistan never gave them importance.

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