TikTok banned in Canada

Data security is likely to attract this initiative.The Canadian Government has banned the use of Tik Tok in official mobile devices.

Govmt of Canada announced on Monday 27 February that it is banning TikTok from all mobile devices used by government officials. This shows that the West concern about this Chinese owned video sharing app is constantly increasing.

Report Source: Geo Tv Pakistan reports writer Khalid khan Karachi.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau more said: The move could be the 1st step toward more action. The Prime Minister  also said that the government has taken an important step to inform all its federal employees that they cannot use Tik Tok on official electronic devices related to their work.

TikTok banned in Canada official mobile devices

He expressed the expectation that Canadian businesses and others would likely be attracted to the move to protect their data.

Earlier, the European Union (EU) administration said last week that it has temporarily banned the use of TikTok on the phones used by its workers for its cyber security.

Tik Tok is very popular among the youth. But because the app is owned by a Chinese company & given the country strict laws, there are concerns that Beijing could use the app to collect data on Western users or spread pro China narratives or disinformation. Is.

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Tik Tok is owned by a Chinese company  Byte Dance which is now headquartered in Singapore.

Mona Fortier' President of the Canadian Treasury Board also said the federal government will also block the app from being downloaded to government devices in the future.