The order to de-notify the members of the PTI Assembly is suspended

The application is approved for hearing. The Lahore High Court has accepted the petition of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf members of the Assembly against the Speaker of the National Assembly for hearing. But has refused to grant interim relief to the petitioners. Pakistan's Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says that new taxes of 170 billion will have to be imposed in the IMF package, in which there is an effort as much as possible not to impose any tax that will be a burden on the common man, a mini budget will have to be brought for new taxes .

The District & Sessions Court Islamabad has reserved its decision on the bail application of former federal minister Sheikh Rasheed.

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Today is the last day of policy level talks between Pakistan & the (IMF) International Monetary Fund .

The dollar fell by three rupees 33 paise to Rs 270 at the start of trading on Thursday.

In the case of PTI Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf protest against the Election Commission's decision and interference in government affairs. The Anti Terrorism Court has rejected former Prime Minister Imran Khan's plea for exemption from attendance on medical grounds.

The court has summoned Imran Khan on February 15.

The case was heard by Judge Raja Jawad Abbas Hassan of the Anti Terrorism Court. In the hearing. Imran Khan's lawyer Babar Awan & the prosecutor appeared before the court.

An application was filed by Babar Awan for exemption from attendance of former Imran Khan on medical grounds. In which the stand was taken that Imran Khan is injured due to which he cannot appear.

The court said that whether Imran Khan comes on February 15 or not.

we will give a decision on bail.Babar Awan argued that the case was held on 21 October and Chairman Imran Khan was granted bail on October 24. On this. The prosecutor has said that all the medical certificates given to Imran Khan belong to Shaukat Khanum. Shaukat Khanum's medical certificate is not legal.

He said that the law is being mocked here.

The court remarked that a video of Imran Khan was released from Zaman Park in which he was seen walking. The court while talking to Babar Awan also said that you should give arguments for Imran Khan's permanent bail.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till 15 February. A case was registered against Imran Khan in Sangjani police station under terrorism provisions.

NAB Amendment Case: Supreme Court raised questions on the conduct' of Imran Khan & PTI

Justice Mr.Mansoor Ali Shah, a member of the 3member bench hearing the petition filed in the Supreme Court against the amendments made by Chairman Prime Minister Imran Khan in the NAB Ordinance. Has raised important questions about the conduct of Imran Khan and PTI. That Imran Khan & his party avoided voting on the NAB Amendment Bill in Parliament.

He said that does the one who abstains from voting have a right to claim in the court?

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah asked that bringing the work done in the Parliament to the courts is not weakening the Parliament?

On this occasion: Makhdoom Ali Khan, the lawyer of the federal government more said that Imran Khan could have defeated the NAB amendments in the assembly. did

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said : that can any member of the assembly leave the parliament empty?

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He aslo said that the member of the assembly is the representative of the people of the constituency and the trustee of their trust, is it right for the trustee of public trust to boycott the parliament? ?

And is boycotting the time of legislation & then going to court not weakening parliamentary democracy?

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah while giving remarks said that how will it be determined that the NAB amendments are a case of public interest and importance?

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He also questioned whether the public interest has to be determined by the 3 judges sitting in the court.

In the hearing, Chief Justice Mr. Umar Atta Bandyal remarked that every leader takes the help of the constitution to justify his actions.

He said that parliamentary proceedings are boycotted all over the world. While the subcontinent has a long history of boycotting.

The Mr. Chief Justice also said that perhaps petitioner Imran Khan knew that he could not be successful in Parliament, so he came to court. Justice Ejaz-ul-Hassan. Who was present in the bench, remarked that the question of Imran Khan's conduct would have arisen if he had any personal benefit from the NAB amendments.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah while giving remarks said that if the court declares the NAB law null and void, will anyone challenge the legislation in the Supreme Court tomorrow?

On the request of Imran Khan further hearing was adjourned till 14 February.