Natasha Ejaz selected as ambassador of Spotify Equal Pakistan program

Along with receiving this honor' she has also graced the digital board of Equil in New York Times Square.

Natasha Humira Ejaz has-been announced as the 2nd ambassador for the year 2023 under Equal Pakistan. The world audio streaming platform Spotify.

Along with receiving this the honor, she has also been featured on Equil's digital board in US New York Times Square.

Report Source Geo tv Pakistan reports from Saleem khan KARACH.

Natasha Ejaz: Who started her music career at the tender age of 7, has made the song Khud Se Babat a part of Spotify Equal Pakistan playlist.

Natasha Ejaz selected ambassador of Spotify Equal Pakistan program
Natasha Ejaz photo from office Instagram.

Natasha journey as a singer started with PTV when she was 07 years old. However' her 1st song 'Today is a Place' came out in the year 2010 & thus she entered the music industry.

His musical journey is on a high of success. He not only composed extraordinary songs for his fans but also rendered his voice services in the popular animated film "Allah Yar & the Legend of Markhor.

On receiving this important honor. Natasha Humira Ejaz also said: I never thought that I would get the honor of Equal Ambassador. I feel like my voice is making its mark globally. I do what I do because I can not think of any other way to live.

Of course it a great honor to be able to introduce myself to the world & represent other female singers at the same time.

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Many of Natasha Ejaz songs are loved by the public & several of them have-been nominated for local awards. Among these songs, 'Till the end of time & Khavam are both masterpieces of his vocal magic. Moreover his song God in me' "God in me" presented his own story in a touching manner which has also attracted the audience.

Commenting on this important announcement, Spotify Senior Editor for  Bangladesh Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Rataba Yaqoob also said. Natasha Humira has been in the music industry for quite some time now. He has supported & encouraged many fellow artistes in this journey of music.

Natasha Ejaz selected ambassador of Spotify Equal Pakistan program report in urdu text

We are thrilled to have selected her as Spotify Equal Ambassador

Her strong voice for the equal inclusion of women in the music industry.

Spotify official platform: Equal Pakistan promotes female artistes in the country. The platform is nearing its 1st anniversary of showcasing outstanding local talent internationally.

Since its inception in 2008: Spotify has changed the way we listen to music. Kapmini says that his aim is to bring out the possibilities of human creativity by giving creative singers an opportunity to present their art & entertain billions of fans.

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Today, the world most popular audio streaming service has more than 80 million songs, including 4.7 million podcasts. While 456 million users in 180 countries. Including 195 million subscribers, are part of its community.