In the video people can be seen taking shelter inside the court while the leopard continued to prowl outside the gates.

leopard Dachigam National Park India photo: AFP)

At least nine people were injured after an adult leopard attacked a district court near New Delhi after forest officials captured the leopard in a dramatic 4hour rescue operation.

India: Leopard attacks court and injures nine people.

The male leopard, believed to be around 07 or 8 years old. Is suspected to have entered the Ghaziabad District Court building on Tuesday. But was spotted in busy corridors on Wednesday, Indian daily Hindustan Times reported.

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The 03 brothers who were attacked by the animal:

More said that they were waiting on the second floor when they saw the leopard in front of them.

Tanveer Ahmed, the plaintiff who was injured, also said We were stunned. He attacked the three of us and ran down the stairs.

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He also said the leopard was captured after being shot with stun guns & tamed by wildlife officials around 8:15 pm.

Wildlife officials said that the leopard also sustained multiple injuries, which are being treated by forest department veterinarians with antibiotics & multivitamins.

According to the authorities: The leopard will later be released in a suitable place away from human settlements.

The snow leopard came down close to human settlements

The administrative officer of the Ghaziabad court said that the leopard attacked people on different floors of the building. After which it went outside the district judge's court & broke the window glass.

Several people injured 

In the attack said they heard some monkeys making noise before the leopard, which attacked the people.

The report said that all the persons injured in the attack have-been admitted to the hospital & their condition is stable.

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In videos of the incident that went viral on social media" dozens of people could be seen taking shelter in a court room & killing the leopard just outside the iron gate.

In another video, a lawyer can be seen injured after the attack and bleeding profusely from below the neck, while other lawyers nearby take him to medical attention.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the leopard also attacked 4 plaintiffs, a police constable & a shoe polisher.