Earthquake in Turkey and Syria has destroyed many cities

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria has destroyed many cities
Earthquake in Turkey photo from AFP

A strong earthquake in Turkey & Syria has destroyed many cities killing more than 100

Turkey natural disaster management agency says that 77 people have died & 440 have-been injured in the earthquake. While more deaths are expected. According to the American US Geological Survey. A magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred at 4:17 a.m. local time with a depth of 17.9 kilometers near the city of Gazi Antep.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake has occurred in Gazi Antep. the southeastern region of Turkey near the border with Syria.

Officials in Turkey and Syria have confirmed more than 100 deaths so far with more deaths feared.

Strong tremors have devastated at least 10 Turkish cities. while they were felt in the capital Ankara as well as across the country.

Many buildings have collapsed due to the earthquake & efforts are on to rescue people trapped under the debris.

76 dead 440 injured in earthquake in Turkey

According to AFAD the organization dealing with natural disasters in Turkey 76 people died & 440 were injured in the earthquake.

Earthquake tremors were also felt in nearby countries

Relief operations after the earthquake in Syria Image caption: Relief operations after the earthquake in Syria.

This severe earthquake has not only caused damage in Turkey and Syria. But its tremors have also been felt in nearby Lebanon Gaza & Cyprus.

A student of Beirut the capital of Lebanon. About 450 kilometers away from the location of the earthquake. Said that I was writing something when suddenly the whole building shook.

I thought there was an explosion. I was standing near the window & I was afraid it would break. The tremors lasted for four to five minutes & it was a terrifying scene.

Rushdie Abul Auf a British news producer in the Gaza Strip. says the house he was staying in shook for 45 seconds.

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