No direct connection between Pakistani and Turkish fault lines: Meteorological Department

The Pakistan Meteorological Department said: that there is no direct connection between the fault lines in Pakistan & Turkey. Which could also cause earthquakes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

What is Earthquake warning of Pakistan : In 1 of its announcements, the department has said that after the earthquake in Turkey, rumors are circulating on social media in Pakistan that an earthquake of similar intensity may occur in Pakistan in the next few days.

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The Meteorological Department also said that there is always a possibility of a major earthquake in Pakistan and its neighboring countries, but when and where they will occur is beyond the capabilities of current technology.

Pakistan Meteorological Department Notification
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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Has responded to growing criticism of the state's response to the earthquake, saying that preparation for such a large scale disaster is not possible.

Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan said  that during his visit to Hatay that according to the official data, 9,57 people have been killed.

Hatay is the region most affected by the earthquake. He also said that those who are saying that they did not see the security forces at all are spreading incitement.

The President more said: This is the time for unity and solidarity. At a time like this, I cannot tolerate negative campaigns for political gain. in.

On the other hand" criticism from the people and the opposition is increasing.

Some claim that emergency efforts have been too slow and nothing has been said about the earthquake prone region during his 8year rule.

For two days: 25 year old Youssef has been waiting for news about his mother, father, brother, sister & nephew. Not far from a building that was reduced to rubble by the earthquake in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

He also said that he could hear their voices & had spoken to them, but rescue workers could not reach them.

Yusuf told News Agancy Reuters: 

I spoke to them & heard their voices" but unfortunately, as you can see, these people are working very slowly & they have a lot of equipment. Are not.

Relatives of those living in a collapsed building in the nearby town of Janderes more said they had not yet seen anyone being pulled out alive.

These people say that due to lack of machinery" The heavy concrete slabs under which their loved ones are buried could not be removed.

Aid workers are trying to reach the worst-hit areas but are hampered by bad weather and damaged roads.

Apart from this, fuel and electricity have also been cut off in some areas.