5 easy ways to hit goals. Like hitting the gym or quitting smoking in the New Year 2023.

You have to start a gym. And save money quit smoking & work on your personality. These & any similar goals will surely be on your mind these days.

New Year resolutions quitting smoking timeline start a gym
New Year resolutions quitting smoking timeline start a gym 

Maybe you want to commit to saving this year or maybe you looking to take up a new hobby.

No more smoking. The beginning of a new year is here & there is never a good or bad time to start new projects. & leave bad habits behind. but the beginning of a new year certainly provides an opportunity to do so.

For many people. The resolutions made at the beginning of the new year are like a now fresh start New Year 2023 resolutions are actually about setting new goals for self improvement.

Whatever resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. A thing is essential to keeping them alive & that is the constant presence of motivation.

However as we all know this is easier said than done.

According to a study by the University of Scranton. only eight percent of people who set goals for themselves at the beginning of the new year were able to stick to them.

So do you wish you were not one of those 92%?

In this article. We explore five simple ways to avoid this pitfall and stick to a year end resolution that will help you achieve your goals.

Break the goal down into smaller goals:

  • Setting realistic goals can lead to a greater chance of success.

  • Psychotherapist Rachel Weinstein says part of the problem is that we often set goals beyond our means.

  • We have this misconception that we can be completely different people in the new year. she says.

  • By starting the journey with an actionable goal. We can make progress & take on more challenging steps.

  • For example: You might buy some shoes and sign up for a sprint before you run a marathon.

  • The purpose of setting small goals is to gradually complete the process of achieving long term goals.

New Year resolutions read in urdu

It is important to have clear goals:

Most of our goals are not clear & we don't think about how to achieve them before trying to achieve them.

However: It is very important to plan carefully in this regard.

Neil Levy. A professor at the University of Oxford in the UK. Believes that if you hit the gym on Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning. You are more likely to succeed than if you just think. I am going to go to the gym all the time. will.

These concrete actionable steps will ensure that you not only have the intention to do it. But also have a plan to follow through on it.

The need for a support network:

Now that your goals are clear. Find people who have similar goals as you begin to work towards them as a source of motivation.

If you plan to go to class with a friend you are committed. Likewise. When you make your list of goals public. the chances of accomplishing them also increase.

John Michael who teaches philosophy at the University of Warwick in the UK. Studies the social factors involved in setting & achieving goals.

They claim that we are more likely to stick to our commitments. When we can see that they matter in some way to other people or if we fail. To other people well being. Well being is at stake.

So whether it is meeting a commitment or getting extra support from those around you, getting other people involved can help you achieve your goals.

quitting smoking timeline Read in urdu

Overcoming failure:

Even after doing all this. When things get tough going forward. Experts suggest taking a break & reassessing the situation.

Review what obstacles you have faced. Which strategy was most effective in this process? Which was less effective?

If necessary. be more realistic & celebrate small successes.

quitting smoking in the New Year 2023.

If after reassessing the situation you want to maintain the same determination: Why not try another method that will increase your willpower.

Small changes in your daily life can help you move in the right direction.