Galaxy Z Fold5 Samsung phone can rotate angle 360 degrees

 The screen of this Samsung Mobile can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees

Galaxy Z Fold5 Samsung phone can rotate angle 360 degrees

According to the Samsung company the flex in & out display.

Can be folded both inwards & outwards in a full 360-degree range.

Samsung has unveiled a new phone whose screen can rotate 360 ​​degrees & its display can be turned both inwards & outwards.

According to the report of the US magazine The Verge. The subsidiary company Samsung Display unveiled its new prototype display & hunch at the technology event CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

According to the company: The flex in & out display can be folded both inwards & outwards in a full 360 degree range.

The display also comes with a different hinge that allows less slots to appear when folded.

The design of this new water drop hinge appears to be different from the design used in Samsung Galaxy Fold models that will go on sale from August 2022.

According to the company Samsung the Flex In & Out display can be folded both inwards and outwards in a full 360 degree range.

The hinge. Which creates less visible slots on the screen: will also help reduce stress on the foldable display. Which could also lead to longer term durability in the devices.

Samsung may be bringing a new display to its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 model as a report by Korean site Never earlier this week suggested that the new device might undergo a design change.

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The fold is a traditional sized smartphone that opens horizontally into a large tablet sized screen like a book.

While creating foldable phones is an impressive engineering feat Samsung product reviews have also highlighted some of the challenges these models face.

Not all app developers are currently creating apps with interfaces that can match the resolutions of these phones. Although Samsung apps include Discord Outlook.

Works like Microsoft Office suite.

The Samsung company also said last year that it would continue to listen and learn. From its customers to make foldable smartphones mainstream.

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Samsung then also said that these devices will-be part of the ultra premium smartphone category that people can use widely in the coming years.

The next models of the company foldable devices are expected in August this year. But it is still unclear how the software dynamics will work when the phone is folded outwards.

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