Why did Indian Government ban Pakistani streaming service vidly

Indian Govmt has issued an order banning the streaming of an OTT streaming platform vidly TV run from Pakistan.

Why did India ban Pakistani streaming service vidly
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Report Sources: (Indian News Agancy ANI)

According to the Indian news  report agency ANI. Ministry of Information & Broadcasting of India has issued this order on Monday. 12 December  under the emergency powers granted under the IT Regulations 2021. In which the website of Vidly TV along with 2 Mobile apps. 4 social media accounts & 1 smart TV app have-been asked to be shut down immediately.

Mr. Kanchan Gupta: Senior advisor to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting & a well known journalist. Has said this in a tweet.

In its order the ministry also said that Sevak: The Confession web series aired on the OTT platform is not related to India national security. Sovereignty & integrity. India defence. state security friendly relations with foreign states & has been found to be detrimental to public order & security in the country.

According to ANI Kanchan Gupta said : Actions have-been taken against vidly TV after its assessment that the series. which was sponsored in Pakistan. Is provocative & completely false. 1st of the three episodes was released on 26 November. the anniversary of the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Vidly Service banned india urdu reaport

Why did India ban Wadley TV?

According to the news published in Hindustan Times. the Government of India has given 5 reasons for banning it.

  • The order states that the Ashok Chakra of the Indian flag is shown burning in the opening credits of the web series.

  • The central government says the web series presents a distorted narrative of sensitive historical events related to India.

  • The web series depicts sensitive historical events like Operation Blue Star & its aftermath. The demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. The assassination of Graham Steins. The Malegaon blast" the Samjhauta Express blast the Sutlej-Jamuna Link Canal water spill & the national An anti India narrative was presented on issues of importance.

  • It said that this web series has promoted hatred against the Government of India in the hearts of the people. For example: it cites a statement by India Home Minister describing Muslims Sikhs & Christians as internal threats to India.

  • The web series has also been accused of promoting separatism. Disaffection & disgust among the Sikh community in India.

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According to the order the web series is designed to sow hatred & division among communities in India.

It was not available when we tried to watch it in Delhi. But some scenes from the 3rd episode were seen for the 1st time in which a few Sikh boys can be heard & seen talking.

Vidly Service banned india urdu Read reaport

In addition: A Christian can be seen describing the plight of Dalits in front of the crucified Jesus while ordering a girl to sit down from a bench in a class. The girl was sent to the ground from the bench because of her caste status.

It stars Mr. Adnan Jafar, , Hajra Yameen, Amara Malik, Neer Ejaz, Mohsin Abbas Haider &  Nazar Hussain. Its story is written by Saji Gul while the direction is by Mr. Anjum Shahzad.

His song Mahi Mahi has been sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan.

Vidly Service banned india read in urdu
Vidly Service banned india read in urdu

What in the trailer of Vidly series Civic?

Listed under the Pakistani dramas category on vidly website. The synopsis for the action thriller series states that it is based on true events between 1984 & 2022. It basically has eight stories based on murder. crime lies espionage &  inter communal relations.

The website summed it up like this: Was it an accident? Heroes & villains are born together. Their paths also meet each other. Vidya Hajra Yameen. a journalist is trying to keep her father.  Legacy alive. He is approached by a mysterious man who promises to give him the biggest story of his career.

Pakistani actors can be seen as Indian characters in the cast of this series. As Mr. Mohsin Abbas Haider is apparently from Indian Punjab. Nayar Ejaz is a Hindu nationalist politician while Hajra Yameen Vidya is an Indian journalist.

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In its trailer:  dialogues such as Not a single Muslim will survive &  You told me your wife is untouchable are heard.

Jeet killers were born on the same day he opened his eyes in India. And also Sir do you want to save your narrative or India?

At the end of the trailer it is mentioned that it is being released on 26/11 the day of the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Apart from original content. Pakistani & Turkish films & dramas can also be seen on vidly website.