Facebook (Meta) also gave Pakistani users  Now an opportunity to earn income from their accounts

New York Monitoring Report:  Meta Facebook  owner company has given Pakistani Facebook (meta) users an opportunity. To earn (money) income from their  FB accounts.

Pakistani User Earn Money From Facebook account
Pakistani User Earn Money From Facebook account 

 Reports Sources : Pro Pakistani Website.

According to report news website Pro pakistani.  Facebook meta Company has introduced a new feature called Stars on Facebook. Through which people can earn by earning stars from their fans on the content they post on Facebook. will.

According to the report  any user will buy Stars for money. which they can send to any of their favorite (meta) Facebook content producers. The content producers will convert these stars into PKR. The new feature aims to encourage content producers & give them the opportunity to turn their passion into a profession. says Jordi Fornes. Meta Director of Emerging Markets for the Asia Pacific region.

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According to the report. to use this feature. Facebook (meta) users must have at least 1000 followers on their account. Apart from this. There are other rules & regulations that any Pakistani Facebook user who fulfills can turn on the stars option on his account. 

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After which people who like his videos can send him stars. If you also want to turn on these features on your account. then this link