German tourist couple fans of Pakistani dal and biryani

The German couple tourist fans of Pakistani  Biryani and Dal Chawal

Mr. Marcus & Shannon arrived in Pakistan Islamabad after traveling to fifteen countries & plan to travel the world in the next 3 years.

Mr. Marcus Hoeder & Shannon will go to Lahore from Islamabad and stay there for a few days before heading to India (screen grab).

German tourist couple fans of Pakistani dal and biryani
Shannon photo by Independent urdu

German tourists Mr. Marcus Hoeder & Shannon plan to travel around the Globe world in their special vehicle for the next three years.

Both are currently in Capital of Pakistan Islamabad after completing a journey of 15 years.

From here they will go to Lahore and will stop for a few days and go to India via Wagah border.

News Agancy Independent Urdu had an exclusive conversation with the tourist couple who have-been in Pakistan for the past 15 days. Marks & Shannon entered Pakistan Balochistan province through Iran. from where they proceeded to Islamabad.

After reaching Islamabad. He also went to Northern Areas in the 1st week of December & traveled in his vehicle to Khunjrab Pass.

Mr. Marcus also said that he has always loved to travel.

They want to meet new people. eat new foods see colorful cultures.

Shannon & I worked a lot to raise money to travel the world.

Both worked in the human resources department & had a cruise ship project before they set sail.

The tourist couple has a caravan/camper van that they built after four months of hard work.

He also built a mobile home by investing thousands of euros & started his journey from Germany in July this year.

They reached Turkey through different countries of Europe & from there came to Armenia & then Iran & Pakistan.

According to Marks. He has-been on the streets for five months & has observed different cultures up close.

He also said that. He got the best food in Pakistan because he likes spicy food. He also said that he liked Dal & Biryani very much.

They are Said When we arrived in Pakistan. Everyone said that we must go to the northern regions. So it was number 1 on our list.

He also said that he went to Nanga Parbat base camp & did trekking there. Seeing Nanga Parbat was an experience of a lifetime.

Shannon a female tourist.  She said that now she will go to Lahore PUNJAB because she has heard a lot of praise for the food there.

We will eat Lahori food & go to India. From there the intention is to go to Nepal. Will come back to India from Nepal &  then go to Malaysia by ship.

German tourist urdu report

Shannon added that he had a lot of security concerns before coming. which turned out to be wrong.

The attitude of Pakistanis is very hospitable. Someone is bringing food & someone is giving gifts.

According to Shannon. He has no intention of going back to Germany for the next 3 years. but will move around during this period.

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