Pakistani Drama Serial Kesi Teri Khudgarzi : Kill Toxic Men

Our son is very quick to anger just like you. I try every day so that he does not become like you. What I endured. I do not  want anyone to endure tomorrow. I know you were improving changing. But you could never cure all that you did. Yes I forgave you but I will never forget what you did.

Drama Kesi Teri Khud Ghurzi Kill Toxic Men
Drama Kesi Teri Khud Ghurzi photo from ARY

Sources : ARY digital Drama Tv. 

Pakistan Karachi.

The recent drama Keisi Teri Khudgarzi popular among Pakistani audiences. Ended on a better note with these dialogues. When the protagonist Mehek. Talking to Shamsher image says that this is what he tries to do every day. Be able to raise your son well and make him a good person.

While the drama serial Kisi Teri Khudgarzi aired on private channel ARY became very popular among the audience & every episode got millions of views on YouTube. there was also a lot of criticism on the story of this drama.

Critics believed that the play mainly featured a man as a hero who because of his power. harassed a girl and her family & eventually the girl fell in love with him. It is not a good example for the society.

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Kesi Teri Khud Ghurzi urdu read

In Kisi Teri Khamsheri, Danish Taimur (Shamsher, Durfshan Mahek  Nauman Ejaz (Dilawar) & Atiqa Odhu (Shamsher's mother) played the roles.

The drama revolves around Shamsher. son of a corrupt business tycoon Dilawar. who falls in love with a middle class girl Mehek. Mehek & his family reject the relationship so Shamsher harasses them on account of his and his father power.

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Mehek & his family are forced to agree to the marriage. Shamsher father Dilawar apparently agrees to this relationship but on the day of the wedding he tries to kill Mehek. in which Mehek miraculously survives and runs away to another city.  But then Shamsher finds her. Forcefully marries.

In short : In this play Dilawar tries to kill Mehek three times. But in the third attempt instead of Mehek his own son Shamsher becomes the target.