Who is The Major Khurram Rokhri (Rtd) and how close was his relationship with former PM Imran Khan?

Pakistani private channel (Geo News) aired an interview of Major Khurram Hameed Rokhri (retd). In Program with Hamid Mir in which he was found claiming that he used personal relations " Major General Faisal. Not only  chairman PTI Imran Khan personally meet Nasir on Demand Imran khan.  But PTI leader singer Salman Ahmed also participated in a meeting.

Who is Major (Rtd) Khurram Rokhri with Imran Khan
Image from Khurram rokhri Social account

After the airing of this interview. Some important leaders of Tehreek-e-Insaf were found to have expressed their indifference to Major Khurram (Rtd) Hameed. While on Friday evening' Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf also terminated his basic party membership.

The above interview of Major Khurram  Hameed Rokhri (r) and the subsequent situation raised many questions. Among which the important question is. What style and level of politician is he. How & when did his politics start ? & how important is his role in Tehreek Insaf ?

Who is Major (Rtd) Khurram Rokhri in Urdu Read
Who is Major (Rtd) Khurram Rokhri in Urdu Read 

Question is also what was the nature of his relationship with former PM Imran Khan & why is there an impression in the local circles of Tehreek-e-Insaf that Major (r) Khurram is close to the Chairman PTI sister Aleema Khan ? In this report we will try to examine these questions.

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At a distance of 08km from Jajal Chowk in Mianwali city. There is a socio politically famous town called Khurram Rokhari. Which is the native place of Major (R) Khurram Hameed. But now his family is settled in Yaro Khel. a neighborhood of Mianwali city.

Khurram Rokhri relation Imran Khan
Khurram Rokhri relation Imran Khan in urdu report

His father Mr. Asghar Khan Rokhri was a famous lawyer & lived in Lahore for a long time. Pervaiz Khan Shehbaz Khel. A local politician & friend of Major Retired Khurram Hameed, says about Asghar Khan Rokhri. He Mr. Asghar Khan was a person with an open mind.

Similarly : Another local political activist Mr. Zubair Khan Niazi. whose mother is the cousin of former PM Imran Khan. Also said that Major Khurram Hameed (r) father Mr. Asghar Khan Rokhri was an important lawyer in criminal cases & right wing ideas. were possessed of.

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Mr. Zubair Khan Niazi also said that Khurram was two years younger than me. When I was a student of the 3rd year. He entered the first year in Government College Mianwali. During his student days. He had a black Kawasaki motorcycle. Later he joined the army.

Report Info Sources :

BBC news 12/¹¹

When contacted by British news Agancy Major Khurram Hameed (r) also said that I joined the army in 1987 & retired in 2012. But I have never been a student of Government College Mianwali.