Sindh Government Launch of new electric bus service in Karachi

According to Transport Minister of Sindh Mr. Sharjeel Memon. This service has-been started with the shipment of 50 White Color electric buses' soon the number of these buses will be increased.

The Provincial government has launched New fully electric modern electric buses With Low Ticket Price, on Deffernt Route, in the provincial capital Karachi.

The new bus service was launched on Monday with a test drive from the Route on Park Tower to Seaview Beach.

White Line Electric Bus Service Karachi Route map Ticket Price
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According to Sindh Transport Minister Mr. Sharjeel Inam Memon. White line service has been started with the shipment of 50s  new electric buses. soon the number of White buses will be increased.

Charge system:

Station (Stop) where electric vehicles are fully charged in 15 minutes

For charging these buses. 2 electric charging machines have-been installed in the depot located at UP Morr. Where each bus will-be charged in 20 minutes.

This bus will have 32 seats including 2 seats for disabled persons. While a total of 90 people will-be able to travel in each bus. Apart from this. Cameras will also be installed in the buses.

Routes electric bus :

White line electric bus service route as yet not confirm (update soon)

Tickets Prices:

(Currently not running ) update soon

Information Sources :

(The News reports)

Sindh Minister Saeed Ghani also told News Agancy that a solar system has-been installed for charging these buses so that dependence on electricity is minimal.