Qatar: Temporary stadium built from containers World Cup

Qatar Football: Temporary stadium built from containers for soccer World Cup 2022

Stadium 974 is located on an artificial island Qatar. It is named after the international dialing code (+974) for Qatar

Qatar: Temporary stadium built from containers World Cup
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The football Fifa World Cup  which starts this Sunday in  Arab Country of Qatar.  Is unique in many respects. Not only is this the 1st World Cup to be held in any Arabic country. It is also different in that it is being held in winter. Usually the  Football World Cup is played in May June or July.

On the 1 hand the of Qatar & FIFA are facing questions from all over the world on the subject of human rights. On the other hand fans & football pundits are increasingly concerned about the expenses incurred on this Fifa World Cup. its marketing & the way it is organized. They are discussing.

international dialing code (+974) for Qatar
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Stadiums being built :

All these things aside. But if you look at the stadiums being built by the Qatar administration. Some of them are nothing less than masterpieces. Many of the 9 stadiums to be built for the tournament are unique for one reason or another. But there is one stadium that stands out not only in its design but also in its structure.

It is located on the banks of a river in the capital city of Doha & is only a few kilometers from Hamad International Airport.

The design of the Temporary stadium is arranged in such a way that natural air circulates in the This stadium. Which means that the arena does not need an air conditioning system. This has also helped in reducing energy costs. Seven World Cup 2022 matches will-be played in this stadium. Qatari officials say the entire project pays tribute to the maritime traditions & history of the nearby port & Doha.

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The stadium is built on a 974 waterfront site & is located on an artificial island. It is named after the international dialing code for Qatar +974 & has been constructed using 974 recycled shipping containers.

The unique thing is that this stadium is temporary. Meaning that after the Fifa football world cup. The shipping containers and seats used in the stadium will-be dismantled & donated as aid to the less developed countries of the world. This 1st temporary stadium in the history of the FIFA World Cup has a seating capacity of about 40,000 people.

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Toilets waiting rooms & changing rooms have also been built in some of the containers inside the stadium.

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