Peshawar Zoo: Adoption does not mean that the animals can be taken away: Peshawar Zoo Officials Announced

Peshawar based social activist Mr. Saqib-ur-Rehman is the 1st person to adopt a pheasant from the city zoo.

Peshawar Zoo Ticket Price open Timing and adoption animals

Mr. Saqib told NEWS Agancy that the aim of adopting animals is to inculcate love for animals in the public.

Apart from humans animals also have the right to be loved & cared for fully.

Animal adoption program 

Muhammad Niaz Khan the director of the largest zoo in KPK Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Said also that under this program. Any citizen can bear the expenses of an animal in the zoo.

Mr. Saqib has deposited RS.5000  with the zoo to adopt Kalkos pheasant.

Explaining the method of animal adoption. organizer Mohammad Niaz more said that by adopting an animal. No one will get the ownership rights of the animal. &  the adopted animal can-be transferred to another name.

adoption animals policy

adoption animals

According to Muhammad Niaz Khan in this program. a citizen can individually or institutionally name the animal & for this purpose. Different categories or packages have-been created.

Packages :

Peshawar Zoo has created different categories for animal adoption. 

  • The 1st package being Bronze.

Which includes Chakor. Asiatic Quail & Peacock. The sub categories of this package include ostrich & crane & the fee for adopting a bird in this package is Rs.15000.

  • The 2nd major category is Chandi Silver.

 which includes parrots of various species & has a fee of Rs 20000.

The silver category includes the Rosella Red Parrot. Alectus Parrot. White Cockatiel Yellow Cockatiel. Blue Macaw Parrot American breed. & Scarlet Parrot.

The sub category fee for this package is Rs 25000. which includes different types of monkeys.

  • The 3rd category is gold.

 which costs Rs 30,000, and includes different types of deer and zebra.

The gold category fee is Rs.50000 & includes African buffalo llama, wild sheep,blue bull  and sambar deer.

  • The 4th category is Diamond.

 which has a fee of 1 and a Rs.5000 & includes, Asiatic wolf, black buck, giraffe, & chimpanzee.

Its sub category charges Rs.200000 & includes  Bengal tiger African tiger, white tiger, & leopard.

Objections to the program

Peshawar Zoo which opened to the public in 2018 has-been in the news for many years due to controversies.

They also include cases of death of many animals due to heat.

Some quarters believe that the purpose of the program is to raise funds to meet the zoo expenses.

However the PESHAWAR ZOo administration denied these rumors & clarified that the aim of the program is to increase the feelings of love & importance of nature among the people.

Muhammad Niaz khan Director of Peshawar Zoo Program. Said that there are animal adoption programs in the world. whose main objective is to increase peace & love for wildlife among the people.

This program has nothing to do with the financial crisis & neither the Zoo Program project is suffering from financial crisis.

The sole purpose of the adoption program is to increase the public love for nature & to promote awareness.

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What will adopters receive?

There will also be some privileges for those who adopt the animals from the abattoir management.

According to Mohammad Niaz. bronze package recipients will receive an adoption certificate from the shelter. A photograph of the adopted animal. A shelter calendar. and a plaque with the name of the adopter in the cage where the adopted animal is kept. will be pasted.

Similarly: Those who get the silver package will get enclosure with cage. presentation box & name plate. Xalendar photo of animal & certificate.

Zoo Ticket Price:

Peshawar Zoo Ticket Price For Peoples Rs.20

One free ticket to zoo daily along with souvenir of zoo & shield will-be given to those taking the gold package including all the above benefits.

Report Info Sources :

BBC news 20/¹¹ Amjad khan Peshawar Pakistan.

Open Timing :

9Am - 7pm Sunday Open

  • Monday:09:00-17:00

  • Tuesday:09:00-17:00

  • Wednesday:09:00-17:00

  • Thursday:09:00-17:00

  • Friday:09:00-17:00

  • Saturday:09:00-05:00

  • Sunday (TODAY):09:00-17:00

Diamond package holders will-be given 5 free tickets for their families with all the benefits listed above.