Everyone was running & we were lifting papa but he could not get up. 

Papa tried to catch the one who shot former PM Imran Khan but he also shot papa.

Muazzam Gondal who was killed
Photo from Social Media

This is also said by the 10 year old son of Muazzam Gondal. who was killed by firing during the long march of PTI . Who is also an eyewitness of the incident. When the British news spoke to him.

He was accompanied by his grandfather and his 6 year old younger brother. Little brother i.e. younger son of Mr. Moazzam was also present at the scene when his father died.

Muazzam Gondal who was killed by firing during the PTI long march. was a resident of Mustafabad. an area located about 3 kilometers from Allah wala Chowk. the site of the incident.

After the death of Muazzam. Stream of people coming to his house to condole continues & there is a state of mourning in his entire neighborhood.

Moazzam has left behind 2 young sons & a teenage daughter in Soguran. The elder son is 10 years old & cannot control his tears while meeting the mourners. The younger son is so young that he just looks at every one in amazement & it seems that because of his childhood he doesn't yet understand the gravity of the incident.

Muazzam Gondal who was killed by firing during  long march

Moazzam Gondal father Muhammad Bashir Gondal
Moazzam Gondal had-been living in Kuwait Country for a long time & had come home on leave a week ago.

After spending a month with their children, they had to go back to work in Kuwait.

Moazzam Gondal father Muhammad Bashir Gondal: Thousands of people were there why was my son killed ?

The deceased elderly father. Mohammad Bashir told the British News that his son had gone to participate in the long march with his 2 young sons.

If I had known there was going to be a shooting, I would have stopped my son and not let him go. I do not know how I would have patience. There were thousands of people there. Why was my son killed?

Moazzam Gondal gondel elder son is a Class IV student while his younger son is a Class I student.

Muazzam Gondal who was killed by firing during  long march

What did the son see?

Moazzam Gondal elder son narrated the situation & also said that "I went to the Long March with my father. there a man was shooting at  Chairman Imran Khan.

I saw that papa was taking away the gun from him. From which the bullet hit him. First I picked up papa. Then other people but they were not moving at all.

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Papa took me and my younger brother on a bike. Api sister said I should go too but Papa stopped them & said you stay at home.  there will be a rush. 

Moazzam Gondal younger brother Kamran Gondal who has arrived from Kuwait on an emergency basis on Friday morning. Has demanded that the culprit should be severely punished. whoever the party belongs to. The killer destroyed our house brutally killed my diamond like brother.

Mohammad Asif a local resident said that Moazzam Gondal was a very noble person.

According to him. Moazzam used to do scrap work but then he went to Kuwait & was working there for many years he was worried about the situation in Pakistan & often said that there is no future for our children here.

One of his friends. Ghulam Rasool also said that his last conversation with Moazzam Gondal took place yesterday.

According to him Moazzam told me that Imran Khan is coming to our city. Let  go to listen to his speech. I said let him stay what the point? All politicians are the same. Moazzam did not  give me any answer on this but I felt as if he took my word for granted.


News Report  and Info Source From: Suno News PK. Reporter : Yasir Ak. Karachi 

According to Ghulam Rasool If I had known that he was going to be the target of firing like this. I would have never let him go. He was my friend. For they left their children and rushed to attack & capture.