Tosha Khana scandal: Former PM Imran Khan announces to file a case against  Businessman Umar Farooq.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan has said that he is consulting his lawyers about suing Mr. Umar Farooq. a private channel & the anchor of the program in the Tosha Khana case.

Businessman Umar Farooq has claimed Bought watch from Imran Khan
Image from Geo News tv

 Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has also said on Twitter that he is consulting his lawyers about suing Umar Farooq. Geo News tv & anchor Person Shahzeb Khanzada in response to an interview aired on private channel Geo News TV.

In a Geo Tv News program last night. Dubai a businessman Mr. Umar Farooq claimed that he bought an expensive watch & other gifts from Farah Khan in reference to Former Minister Shahzad Akbar. which according to him are worth over 1 & a half billion rupees.

Tosha khana :

With the emergence of Mr. Umar Farooq"the case of Tosha Khana has taken a new direction. At 1st the case was limited to the  High Court of Islamabad after the Election Commission. But now the buyer of the Saudi Arabia gifts has come forward. & a new debate has arisen from the allegations.

In this regard. Businessman Umar Farooq while talking to NEWS Agancy. Claimed that the valuable gifts given to Chairman PTI  Imran Khan by the Saudi government. including a watch have-been sold.

A new debate has erupted on the Pakistan media & social media on this issue. On the one hand the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is being criticized. On the other hand. the supporters of PTI have termed Umar Farooq role as suspicious.

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Businessman Umar Farooq Urdu read
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PTI leaders are saying that when no case was found against Imran Khan.

This case is being made.

In the same context the Election Commission has disqualified former PM Imran Khan in the Tosha Khana reference for not disclosing the full amount of gifts from the Tosha Khana after paying the fixed price. while on the other hand this case is in the High Court of Islamabad. Also under hearing.

How was the sale of valuable gifts ?

Businessman UAE Umar Farooq has claimed that Former PM Imran Khan received this watch from the Saudi Arabia crown prince & gave it to him when he was on a visit to Pakistan. After that the watch was deposited in Tosha Khana & bought back from there and brought to Dubai & then in Dubai (UAE) I bought this watch from them.

Mr.Umar Farooq was asked by News Agancy  if he knew when he was buying the watch that it was a gift from the Saudi Arabia Crown Prince. He said Yes of course.

Umar Farooq he bought these gifts for 2 million dollars

Umar Farooq he bought these gifts for 2 million dollars

 I was more excited when I found out what it was. It was the Graff watch & the Kaaba edition there are no 2 watches like it.

Businessman Umar Farooq has also claimed that he bought this watch former PM Imran Khan. Which was gifted to him by the Saudi Crown Prince businessman Umar Farooq.

According to Mr. Umar Farooq he bought these gifts for 2 million dollars 66 crore Pakistani rupees & these gifts included a watch. ring & cuff links.

Speaking to News Agancy Mr. Umar Farooq said that in 2019. Chairman Imran Khan advisor on accountability Mr. Shahzad Akbar contacted him after which Farah Khan. A close friend of Imran Khan wife Bushra Bibi came to his office in Dubai with gifts.

Umar Farooq said that in 2019. Imran Khan advisor on accountability former Minister Shehzad Akbar contacted. After which Farah Gogi came to his office in Dubai with gifts their demand was 5 million dollars. but he gave all the gifts for seven & a half. bought for million dirhams $2 million & paid the money to Farah in cash.

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Umar Farooq claimed that the actual value of these gifts was 1 crore 2 million dollars i.e. 1 billion 70 crore PKR according to 2019 dollar $ rates.

Regarding the proof of purchase. He also said that he has all the proofs related to this purchase. When he bought these gifts. Then he came to know that these gifts were given by the royal family to the head of a country. Not available in the market but made exclusively for gifts. So copies of their designs were not available anywhere. Which made them more expensive & difficult to sell.

PTI and Farah Khan (Farah Gogi) stand :

PTI leader Mr.Fawad Chaudhry said in his tweet to News Agancy that when no case was found against Imran Khan. The case was made that the King of Saudi gifted an expensive watch to Chairman PTI Imran Khan. 1st of all. The 5 million dollar watch was never gifted to any prime minister. It is not clear what is meant by Roza Khani here but generally gifts are deposited in Tosha Khana 

Before the Imran Khan government. according to the rules. The gift could be taken as personal property by paying 25% of the value. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf increased this rate to 50%, that is. according to the law. The person who received the gift By paying 50% of the value of the gift. the gift can be taken into personal ownership.

Report Source:

Info :BBC 15/11²¹ The Economic Time report Saleem khan.

Karachi Pk.

Former Minister Fawad Chaudhry further said that Imran Khan bought a watch from Tosha Khana according to this law & this watch is evident in his tax returns & Election Commission statements. Neither this person is directly or indirectly related to Imran Khan.