Bush Bazaars Afghanistan Americans used to sell some of their goods

 The United States and NATO forces left Afghanistan. But after their arrival the Bush Bazaars. Named after the former US American president are still in place in the capital Kabul & some other major cities.

It is true that once a name becomes famous. It is difficult to change it. Similar is the case with Bush Bazaar.

Bush Bazaars Afghanistan Americans used to sell some of their goods
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Although new names such as Mujahideen Market. Or Badakhshan Market. The pre fame name of Bush Bazar have-been put up here people still remember it as Bush Bazar.

Haji Muhammad Sarwar who has-been a shopkeeper in Bush Bazaar for the past ten years. Says that most of the US American goods are sold in this market. which are original" of good quality and at a reasonable price, which were mostly brought out from American bases like Bagram & other bases, for example. Their shoes bags & coats etc. are of good quality.

Bush Bazaars are not only in Kabul but also in other provinces. Like Mazar. Jalalabad Kandahar & Herat while Bagram was the center of Bash Bazaar.

Some expired items are also sold on the roadside in these markets.

Mr. Qais a shopkeeper in Bush Bazaar also said: Not only US goods. but goods from all Western countries are found here. There are Italian. French, German so that every country has wealth.

Bush Bazaars Afghanistan
Bush Bazaars Afghanistan

Some expired items are also sold on the roadside in these markets Mushtaq Ahmed.

However he also said that now the prices of commodities have increased. so the number of people has decreased. So the business is also bad.

Haji M. Usman president of the union of Bush Bazar has-been running a shop here for 20 years.

He said that: Bush Bazaar used to be under the Ministry of Defense for 6years & when the Bazaar was removed. We came here & have-been here for the last 14 years.

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Haji Usman further also said that the name of Mr.Bush Bazaar became famous because when the forces of European and Western countries came here under the command of the US. at that time Bush was the President of the American & most of the US goods came here. So this whole market was called Bush Bazaar. Became famous by the name.

Bush Bazaars urdu Read
Bush Bazaars urdu Read 

Bush Bazaars urdu Read
Bush Bazaars urdu Read 

President Bush :

He further also said that the goods sold here in the shops & on the roadside are the last remaining possessions of the Americans as it has-been 14 months since they left Afghanistan.

According to Haji M Osman: American US  used to sell some of their goods themselves because when their goods came in containers. Sometimes on the way the serial number of these containers would be changed due to speed breakers  Wars or other means. Then United States would sell these containers. They did not carry the goods inside their warehouses or bases. But their advisors and interpreters sold the goods in the market.

Use Car Bazaar Sunday Marcket :

Sunday Car Bazaar Karachi ...

He further also said that when the Americans left the bases. They had everything and obviously many things were left & those that were not the work of the Islamic Emirate somehow reached these markets. The auctions took place & the vendors made good money in this buying & selling, but the American goods are about to run out & the market is depressed.

According to Haji M. Usman: Common people are facing economic crisis. Earlier if they used to work. They used to get salary & once in a while they used to visit this market and buy something and because of them the business was better here but now the situation is not good. May Allah have mercy so that we get out of this bad state & go to a normal state.

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