Zarsanga Pashto Songs Singer Global award Aga Khan for Pashto singer forced to live in a tent

Known as queen of Pashto folk music Zarsanga Singer who has a unique voice does not know that Zarsanga has won the Aga Khan Music Award.

When Zarsanga Pashto Singer who lives on the roadside in Kohat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was told that she was being given the Aga Khan Music Award & that Zarsanga had-been selected among singers from different countries of the world Zarsanga singer simply said No. I do not know anything.

Zarsanga Pashto Singer said that they are living here in a tent how will they know what is happening in the world.

Pakistan famous Pashto singer Zarsanga told British News that she is almost 77 years old& still cannot get a roof for herself so she is forced to live in this tent.

Zarsanga son Hijran said that he was contacted on Friday afternoon & told about the award but he didn't know any more details about it.

Who are Gypsy Zarsanga?

Zarsanga has performed her singing skills not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan United States of America United Kingdom Germany United Arab Emirates  UAE & other countries. Zarsanga who is mainly a nomadic tribe, is called Zalubai. She was born in 1946 in a village near Lucky Marwat &  Norang.

She told the British news that when she was in her 20s there were some singers living in her area & she used to visit their house where she developed a passion & fell in love with music.

My father did not like this and he was very upset about it but I had a passion for music & wanted to fulfill my passion.

At that time he was accompanied in music by Sher Afgan Dalfaraz & Rashidullah who introduced him to Gulnar Begum who was a very popular singer of her time.

They appreciated me a lot when they heard my voice & then I got an opportunity to sing in Radio Pakistan & that how I entered this field.

Zarsanga  said that she has-been singing since 1965 & till now Pashto Singer Zarsanga does not remember how many songs Zarsanga has sung but she has performed in different countries of  world.

Apart from Pashto Song singer Zarsanga &  Sain Zahoor from Pakistan Daud Khan Sadozai from Afghanistan, Zakir Hussain from India & a total of 11 artists from Britain Indonesia iran Tanzania & other countries have been nominated for Aga Khan Music Award this year. have:been elected.

The award was launched in 2018 & is given every three years. The price money of this award is 500,000 USD American Dollar which will-be distributed among the successful artists.

Award ceremony will be held later this month in Muscat Oman. Award winning artists specialize in their respective fields

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Zarsanga Global Aga Khan Music Award Pashto singer forced 2022

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Zarsanga Global Aga Khan Music Award Pashto singer forced 2022

Why is Zarsanga living in a tent?

Basically Zar Sangha belong to nomadic tribe.  Zarsanga singer told the British news that at this age he wishes to have his own house to live in. Locals said that some time ago they were given a house by some organization but then the house was taken back. These days he lives in a roadside tent on the Indus Highway in Kohat.

Pashto Songs Singer Zarsanga has six sons and three daughters. Zarsanga was married to Lal Jan from her own tribe and has also sung several songs with her husband cousin.

Singer Zarsanga three sons daughters in law &  grandchildren are also with him while 3 daughters are married & live in their own homes. He has 2 sons Tabla Nawaz & one son harmonium player.

Her son Hijran told British news that he lives with his mother and often accompanies her on the tabla & harmonium at musical events while his team includes other colleagues.

There are reports that in 2017 when she was residing near Nowshera. In those days there was a theft in his house where almost all his savings were taken by thieves.

Zarsanga singer also said that in  past he used to get a stipend or monthly payment along with other artistes but his stipend has-been stopped for 9 years while due to the situation in the country people do not invite singers and artists even for weddings & other events.

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She says that during the Corona epidemic she saw a very bad time when Zarsanga had nothing. Due to militancy in the country he had canceled his music events in the past but after the situation improved he started focusing on his music.

Zarsanga said that in the past there used to be music festivals & men & women would come to listen to the music people would sit on cots men on 1 side &  women on the other but this is not the case now.