Want a job at Apple iphone Company ? CEO mentioned 4 essential qualities for aspirants

An educated person wishes to get a job in the world famous technology companies Google Apple or Microsoft but it is a little difficult to assess how qualified they are for these jobs.

However this difficulty has been simplified by Tim Cook the chief executive officer CEO of the American technology company Apple.

Want a job at Apple? CEO mentioned 4 essential qualities for aspirants

Recently he shared what qualities he looks for in the employees he hires for the Apple company so if you have these qualities you can get a job at a big company like Apple.

According to foreign media reports in an interview given during  opening ceremony of an Italian university Tim Cook said that Apple iphone success is directly related to its culture.

During the same interview Apple CEO talked about the qualities that  company looks for in its candidates when hiring.

What are the qualities that Apple looks for when hiring a candidate ?

Work collaboratively

Tim Cook said that because Apple makes its products through collaborative efforts it is important that every employee of  company works collaboratively & closely as a team.


Apple CEO also  said the company looks for people who think differently. Those who have the ability to solve a problem in a different way. In addition they have the desire to do something new.

People with curiosity

In addition Cook said that he likes people who question like children who are curious to try & learn something new.

People who are experts in their work

In the end Cook said that Apple company wants to add people with expertise in 

 relevant field to its team. Such employees who are fully skilled in their work can work well with our company.

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He said that if the employees have these qualities company works better in a good environment