Medical insurance  new policy is mandatory for Umrah pilgrims

Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah says that medical insurance policy is mandatory for pilgrims on Umrah visa.

Hajj & Umrah :

WebDesk: According to the details the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah says that it is necessary to obtain a medical insurance policy for pilgrims coming from abroad on Umrah visa.

According to the Ministry of  Umrah and Hajj pilgrims coming from abroad on Umrah visa will benefit from the insurance policy.

The Saudi ministry says that the premium of the medical insurance policy will-be charged along with the Umrah visa fee the medical policy will cover all emergency medical & other cases.


Regarding the insurance policy the Ministry of Hajj &Umrah has provided information on the Internet, which can be seen under the title of Rebate.

Regarding the benefits of the policy the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah says that apart from Covid-19. the policy will provide full coverage in case of flight delay for accidents death and return.

The insurance policy will provide coverage up to one lakh riyals.

Regarding the Umrah visa policy the ministry has designated a

Toll free number : 800440008

 For domestic inquiries & : 00966138129700 for inquiries from outside the country.

Apart from this information about this can be obtained from the website of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

How Online Passport Check :

It is possible to check the Umrah policy online for pilgrims the council has said on the procedure that the insurance policy holder has the right to check the policy before coming to the UK  Kingdom.

Four Simple Step :

An insurance Medical company must be registered with the council. Medical Insurance policies should not be purchased from companies that are not approved.

Regarding checking the policy. the council said that four very simple steps have-been laid down by following which the visitors coming from abroad can check their medical insurance policy in details.

Inquire about Umrah life insurance

Inquire about Umrah life insurance
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E-services :

To know about the policy 
open the link then. go to e-services on the home page that opens a click on the Insurance Status Information button on the page that opens. then go to Umrah Medical Insurance Status. then enter the passport number on the page that opens. Also enter the existing confirmation code along with the details of the insurance policy. Medical insurance company name  " all the details of the insurance.

Umrah pilgrims Train :

Basic information :

Basic information about the insurance policy can be obtained by following the facility provided on the Council . websites including for Umrah pilgrims. visitors on visa & other persons who have medical insurance.

It should be noted that umrah medical insurance is also mandatory for those coming on  visa. The period of visitation can't be extended without  medical insurance