Six qualities of Changan Alsvin that are unmatched

Six qualities of Changan Alsvin that are unmatched

we will discuss six features of Changan Alsvin Car. That are not present in any other B Class sedan. At the same time some shortcomings will-also be reviewed.

Alsvin has always been pitted against the likes of the Honda City & Toyota Yaris since its launch. but the Alsvin Lumiere has a few features that the other 2 vehicles lack.

Today we will talk about the same topic.

1st of all the thing that makes the Alsvin Lumiere more Other popular. Is its sunroof option. This feature is not yet offered by other vehicles and Car in this category.

Tire pressure monitoring:

Another vehicle such feature in the Alsvin is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS. Sometimes we do not remember to check the tire pressure & low air in the tires has the biggest impact on the vehicle fuel average. Car consumes more petrol. With TPMS you can comfortably check the Must condition of your tires on a daily basis.

Price in Pakistan:

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At the time change Alsvin was launched this feature was new for B segment sedans. but now you can also install TPMS system in any of your vehicles for 8 /10000 from the market.

Changan alsvin price in Pakistan

Dual Clutch Transmission DCT

DCT is a slightly different & complex system from the normal gear system. Yaris & Honda City don't find any traces of this technology.

The Vehicle main point in favor of dual clutch is that it keeps the car driving smoothly. There is no jerking during gear Alsvin changes & the car also gives better fuel average.

If you like to drive like racing cars, you can also get a funky output from the car with the paddle shifter on the manual option.

The disadvantage of DCT is that this system requires more care. In case of failure 1st the mechanics don't understand & if they do understand' the repair Prices costs millions.

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Also a other problem is that the DCT seems to have a dead pick up. In the city you will feel that the gear shifting takes a long times but this is directly related to the average of the car.

The DCT is designed in such a way that maximum work is extracted in the higher gear so that the fuel average is very good. But on the highway you can get the best performance from this car.

Alsvin Lumiere also averages 13 to 15kmpl in the city & 17 or 18kmpl on the highway.

Eco Idle Mode

The eco idle mode is yet to be seen in the best Pakistani cars and vehicles. The advantage of this is that as very soon as the car stops at a signal or any where after 2 or three 2nd the engine stops & the lights or other things of the car start running on the battery. As soon as you press the accelerator again. Engine starts. This system was previously only seen in imported vehicles & is also aimed at maximizing petrol savings.

Conventional drivers like me do not understand this system. it seems like a car that shuts down repeatedly. But it is still an important option to save petrol.

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Heated side view mirrors

This is a very luxurious type of item that Changan Alsvin has given in this vehicle. Looking at it. it reminds me of the wipers on Mercedes headlights from the 80s. How that doubt disappeared with the passage of time. God knows or not. But I still do not understand its practical utility.

Till date I have not seen fog on the side mirrors in Pakistan.

Yes. I do not have any experience with snowy seasons. it might be a great safety feature in those conditions.

Just as the fogger works on the rear glass of the car" the same technology is behind the heated side view mirrors.

Relatively flat steering from the bottom

It may seem like a minor design feature. But the flattening of the steering wheel from the lower side gives the driver plenty of room to stretch his legs or adjust his stomach while sitting & driving. This facility is also not available to the users of the other 2 vehicles.


Forget the very good points but there are some flaws in this Chinese vehicles due to which buyers have to think twice.

1st is the problem of availability of spare parts. Once that is solved.the next problem is their costliness.

Another issue is the quality of the vehicle. The interior is all plastic. What used to be the VVIP type trim inside the cars. however is nowhere to be seen here. The speedometer looks the most tired of the whole case as if you are playing a video game on a Chinese mobile.

Changan Alsvin New Prices in Pakistan 2022-23

If we want to compete. we have to keep in mind that in Toyota Yaris' we get brake assist facilities including electronic brake distribution. Stability control traction control' hill assist' whereas Honda is completely free in this matter at present. All these features are not visible in the city either.

Last thing is that if you buy it.  You will take it" but if you go to sell" what price will you get, how soon will it be sold & how long will this company work in Pakistan? These are the questions that you will be answering yourself after some time.

If there is omission to mention any merit or demerit of Changan Alsvin here then write it in the comments.

Changan Alsvin New Prices in Pakistan 2022-23

Here are the new prices of Changan Alsvin after the price hike:

Price of Alsvin Manual Comfort has-been increased Price by Rs.280000 in 2022 after which the price of the vehicle has increased from Rs.2489000 to Rs 2769000 while the down payment is Rs.550000.

Similarly" the price of Alsvin DCT Comfort has also been increased by Rs.280000/ after which the price of the vehicle has increased from Rs.2744000/ to Rs.3024000/ while the down payment is Rs.650000/. As yet not conform Prices 2023.

New model of Suzuki Swift. ..

Price of the 3rd variant DCT Lumiry has increased from Rs 2939000/ to Rs.3219000/. That is the price of the vehicle has-been increased by 280000 rupees. According to the company the down payment for this vehicle is Rs.650000/.

New Changan Caravan Prices

Here are the new Changan Caravan prices:

The previous variant Caravan Standard was priced at Rs.1794000/ which has now increased to Rs.2069000/ which means the price of the Car vehicle has increased by Rs.275000/.

Similarly, the price of Caravan Plus has also been increased by Rs.275000/. After which the price of the vehicle Car has increased from Rs.1944000/ to Rs.2219000/ Pakistani rupees.

Down payment for both Car vehicles is PKR:425000/ 2022-23.

Changan M9 Sherpa New Prices

There is only 1 variant of this vehicle with a new price of:

New price of M9 Sherpa is Rs.1784000/ while the old price was Rs.1509000/. That is the price of the vehicle has-been increased by 275000 rupees.

The down payment of this car is PKR:350000/.