Singer Abdullah Qureshi left Leave the showbiz Music industry for the sake of Islam

We all have very little time in this world to plan our next life Abdullah Qureshi

After Junaid Jamshed Rabi Pirzada Hamza Ali Abbasi and Noor Bukhari singer Abdullah Gul has also announced to leave the showbiz industry for sake of Islam.Abdullah Qureshi announced his retirement from the music industry on Instagram

Singer Abdullah Qureshi left showbiz industry for sake of Islam

In his post Abdullah Qureshi wrote that I took a break from the music industry I took a break to find myself & think about who I was where I came from & what I wanted to be.

Abdullah Qureshi said that I am leaving music industry & this decision was made only for religious reasons.

About the industry Abdullah Qureshi said I had a great time in this industry creating music performing in concerts in front of thousands of people receiving love & appreciation facing controversies making wrong decisions making good friends It involves working with role models & doing everything I love.

Abdullah Qureshi further said that according to me the real purpose of life is more than that. We all have very little time in this world to plan our next life. Alhamdulillah I am satisfied with my decision' am seeking the truth while moving on the path of improvement. I pray that Allah makes this new journey easy for me.

He  also said that now I will not perform in any concert nor will I ever work in any advertisement. Please do not contact me in this regard but I will-be happy to do whatever comes within the scope of our religion.

Singer Abdullah Qureshi Leave music industry for sake of Islam

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Abdullah Qureshi is not the 1st singer or artist who has ended his artistic journey for the sake of Islam before him many artists including the late Junaid Jamshed Rabi Pirzada Noor Bukhari Sara Chaudhry & Indian actress Sana Khan have-been guided.