Released picture with suspended a plaque around MNA Saleh Muhammad officer

Islamabad Police officer has been suspended who released the picture with a plaque around PTI MNA neck.

The Police officials Of Islamabad involved in releasing the photo Images of Pakistan PTI Tehreek-e-Insaf Member of National Assembly MNA Saleh Muhammad with a plaque around his neck have-been suspended.

WebDesk: According to the spokesman of Islamabad Capital Police IG Akbar Nasir taking notice of the issue of releasing the picture of Saleh Muhammad. Has suspended the officials involved in the matter.

Police guard of PTI MNA Saleh Muhammad opened fire outside election commission guard also arrested

The spokes-person Capital police also  says that the IG Islamabad has ordered the SSP Operations to inquire into This Issue .

It should be noted that after the decision of Imran Khan disqualification, MNA Saleh Muhammad gunmen fired outside the Election Commission. after which the police arrested Saleh Muhammad & his two gunmen.

Today the local court of Islamabad sent Saleh Muhammad & his gunmen to judicial remand prison.